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Designing Your Perfect Master Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood

June 26, 2019

Your bedroom is the place you start and end your day and should invoke peace and tranquility. The space should be arranged and designed in a way to make you enjoy your time spent there. Unfortunately, sometimes a bedroom design and layout can cause you stress or difficulty sleeping! There are so many great ways to create the bedroom you are looking for. No matter what your budget, explore these options to mix up the space and make it work better for you. From layout, storage, and fireplaces, to furniture, and flooring with reclaimed wood, learn how to create a bedroom that works for you.

Layout Design Ideas

The design and layout of your bedroom is key. Avoid having a bedroom that is cluttered and laid out in a manner that is hard to navigate around. You should be able to get to each point in the bedroom—from the bed to the closet. If you have a small room, keep your bed close to a wall and leave a small walkway. Choose the corner of the room diagonal to the door to provide a larger amount of space for the other furniture in the room. 

For larger rooms, opt to have your bed centered on a wall opposite of the door. In both large and small rooms, you can have tables or attached nightstands with lamps and other items. One way to help a room seem larger, or for great décor, is to have a mirror mounted on the wall. When choosing the spot to mount it, mount it right above the bed. This way, you will help the room feel larger and airier with great aesthetic design. 

If you choose to have a television in your bedroom, avoid putting it in a location hard to see. One of the best options is to mount it to the wall directly in front of the bed—if possible. If not, choose the side of the room easiest for viewing if it does not distract from the other areas. To tie in rustic elements, consider adding a wooden accent wall made of reclaimed wood at the far end of the space. Finalize the room with a tall mirror, a favorite painting, or even wood accent shelving to hold items that bring your personality into the space.

Closets and Storage

The closet in your master bedroom needs to be easy to organize and navigate. When starting from scratch, there are a variety of brilliant ways to make the space work for you that goes beyond clothing bars to hang clothes. While you may have the space to hang your clothes, consider adding built-in shelves that can take place of your dressers—freeing up space in the bedroom. You can have separate areas for different types of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and more. You can also have built-in drawers added to your master closet as well for personal items. No matter what you need stored, you can add it in your customized master closet. 

Tying into the reclaimed wood accent wall in the bedroom, hardwood flooring is a great option for a closet. Why? It is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor dust and other elements the way carpet does—keeping your clothes cleaner and minimizing allergens. 

For closet lighting design, ultimately that is up to you. You can choose warm vibes, which tie in well with a rustic feel, or even hang a chandelier to add a chic vibe. You can choose from recessed, track, or hanging lights that fit your feel. You can even add in lights within your built-in shelves to help you better identify items.  

Fireplaces and Mantels

A great addition to your bedroom during a renovation is a fireplace. It helps create that cozy feel you are looking for and helps keep you warm in the winter. 

When it comes to the types of fireplaces you can choose, there are electric and gas models. If trying to save money up front, electric models cost less—but note that it will increase your electric bills each month. For smaller bedrooms, many homeowners choose electric to help save on space; however, if you have a larger bedroom then a gas fireplace is a great option. If you choose a gas fireplace, it will need a chimney whereas an electric will not. Wood burning fireplaces are the most cost-effective, but also require the most work for installation. Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

When building your ideal fireplace, wood accents will bring both character and personalization to the focal point of the room. One of the most common locations to place the fireplace is across from a bed on an outer wall to highlight its’ beauty. You can decorate around it with chairs and a small table and mount a television or mirror above a mantel made of reclaimed wood.


Do you have a smaller bedroom? Find furniture that serves a dual purpose with storage. You can find beds with built-in drawers to replace your dressers. You can also find nightstands with drawers that attach to your bed to help save on space. If you will be adding lamps or lighting to your bed, make sure to be mindful of their size as you do not want the room to become cluttered. If you would like to continue using reclaimed wood, consider having a custom bed built out of the same material to tie in with the existing accents. 

For another small cozy touch, add a chair with an ottoman or a chaise in the corner opposite of the bed. Next to the chair, place a lamp with warm lighting. This is perfect for reading or relaxing at the end of a long day.

Flooring Go-Tos

For the perfect flooring option in your master bedroom remodel, add reclaimed hardwood. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is the final piece to tie into your bedroom design. It adds the warmth needed for a relaxing environment. For a darker tone, choose a distressed grade reclaimed oak to achieve varying shades of dark brown. For a lighter choice, try a milled grade reclaimed tobacco pine.

To help you with any of your reclaimed wood needs for your bedroom renovation, Ward Hardwood Flooring can help. When it comes to choosing Denver reclaimed wood flooring from your hardwood floor showroom, we can show you everything to design your perfect space. Get started on your ideal bedroom design today by calling 303-674-6713, or email