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Choosing Denver Reclaimed Wood Flooring from Your Hardwood Floor Showroom

August 16, 2017

Making the decision to install or replace hardwood flooring can be a major project with much to consider. What style is best? What about color? Does the type matter? What are some of the key purposes the flooring will need to take care of? When trying to decide what types of hardwood to purchase from your hardwood floor showroom, antique and reclaimed flooring is a great choice that will stand up to the everyday use. Plus, you are also helping to continue give life to wood with decades, potentially a century or more of history.

When you are wondering if it is time to replace your hardwood, learn about the benefits of reclaimed hardwood, styles and colors available. You can also learn how to care for your reclaimed hardwood once it is installed to help it last for decades.

Is It Time to Replace Your Flooring?

As a homeowner, you may be wondering if it is time to replace your hardwood floors. For some reasons, it may be an aesthetic change. But for others, you may have concrete reasons.

When not properly cared for, hardwood flooring can become damaged due to water or moisture. This can lead hardwood to curl, bend or warp. When this happens, water can seep into the flooring that over time, can cause mold growth, which turns it into a health hazard. Some homeowners may have not properly refinished or sanded floors either. When this happens removing layers can damage the quality and can become a safety hazard too with nails that are out in the open.

Last, over time hardwood can poorly age. It can come from poor care or just the quality of the wood when it was purchased. The floors may have imperfections that even a refinish can’t solve. Whether it is to replace damaged hardwood, or for aesthetic reasons, choosing antique and reclaimed hardwood might be your perfect solution.

Benefits of Antique and Reclaimed Hardwood

When choosing antique and reclaimed hardwood to install in your home, you can pat yourself on the back. This choice helps the environment as you are recycling materials.

Even though you are recycling wood, you are not compromising on quality. In fact, antique and reclaimed hardwood is extremely durable and will be the perfect long-term hardwood flooring solution for your home. This type of hardwood flooring come from materials that have been de-nailed, kiln dried, cut into lumber and milled into planks. They are found from certain mills, pallets, or even barns, and typically hardwood flooring companies only choose the best materials to take back and provide for their clients. This way, you can rest assured you are installing quality hardwood into your home—no matter what its age.

When choosing reclaimed hardwood, it is great for a variety of applications, both in and outside the home. You can use it for outdoor deck areas, or for projects such as creating shelving. You can also use the reclaimed hardwood throughout your home and other areas for consistency and to create the overall look and feel you are trying to accomplish.  

Choosing Wide Planks, Long Lengths

As you shop to find the perfect hardwood for your home, you can choose a variety of widths or lengths.

First, when it comes to length, it is important to ask yourself what type of look you are trying to accomplish. When it comes to length, many homeowners like longer lengths to avoid seeing the seams coming together. However, others like a look of shorter planks as each has a slight variation in color and appearance. This can create a unique look in your flooring. Either of these styles are popular in homes and it is important for you to consider what look you would like to achieve in your home.

Next, width of your hardwood flooring planks also matters. Planks come in a variety of widths. With slim widths, you may have more planks and it can help you to create a variation in appearance. Wider widths can range anywhere to six inches or higher can fill the room. Don’t forget you can work with your local hardwood flooring specialist to mix and match both lengths and widths for a creative look in your home.

How to Fit Reclaimed Hardwood in Your Home

Once you have chosen the lengths and widths for your hardwood, next you will need to determine which shade of reclaimed hardwood flooring works best in your home. If you have many smaller rooms in your home, or lower ceilings, choosing lighter colors can help to make the area seem larger.

If you have walls that are painted in a darker color, you may also want to either choose a lighter color of hardwood, or, repaint the area if you are looking to install darker shades of reclaimed hardwood. You can also discuss with your hardwood flooring specialist on what shades may be best. For a natural look, you can choose neutral shades of wood that are the same color as if you were to cut open a tree! For others, you may prefer a darker and smoother appearance.

Ultimately, the type of style of antique and reclaimed flooring is up to you—and do not hesitate to ask for help.

Caring for Your Reclaimed Hardwood

Upon installing your antique hardwood flooring, it is crucial to properly care for it. Make sure to a quick sweep daily and a more in-depth sweep and mop weekly. Don’t forget that water hurts hardwood flooring. You will want to use as little water as possible and ensure large amounts of water do not sit on your hardwood. For more, learn about how to clean hardwood floors.

When it comes to finding the perfect antique and reclaimed hardwood flooring from your home, Ward Hardwood Flooring has you covered. We have a variety of colors, lengths and widths for you to find the perfect style in your home. Through reclaimed materials from recycled beams, joists, siding, and other wooden timbers, you will love the quality and character of our hardwood. To see how we can help you, contact us today or top by our showroom located at 29390 Industrial Way #100 in Evergreen.