Designing With Reclaimed

Finishing Treatments

Reclaimed and Rustic Planking:

Most of our Reclaimed and Rustic Planking is finished on the job site. Typically these floors are lightly abraded and then finish is applied to preserve the natural character of these floors. Reclaimed and Rustic Flooring typically get a minimal amount of filling to preserve the natural character of these floors, but additional filling is available upon request.

Custom Hand-Scraping and Distressing:

Ward Hardwood Flooring can provide custom Hand-Scraping to any of our flooring products. While there are many prefinished choices for hand-scraped hardwood flooring, none match the authentic beauty of our custom hand-scraped flooring. The level of hand-scraping and/or distressing are completely custom to each of our customers" specifications. We can prepare sample panels to aid in the selection process as needed. 

These elements can include:

Pillowing- Edge Scraping, Digs and Chatter, Distressing, Circle Saw Marks,  Scraping, and Wire Brushed finishes. 

Traditional Unfinished Strip Flooring:

We fully sand all of our strip flooring products. Over-wood is rough sanded flat; cracks and knots etc. are then filled and finish sanded. The floor is prepared and finished in Natural or with Stain before the top coats are applied. 


Site staining your floors allows you to have full control over the color of stain we use on your floors. 

Choices in Sealer and Top Coats:

Ward Hardwood Flooring provides all different finishes including specialty finishes such as our Swedish Finish and Waterlox Tung Oil Finishes as well as the more traditional Polyurethane and Waterbase Finishes. Swedish or acid cured finishes are considered the gold standard for extreme durability in the industry. Waterlox Tung oil provides a hand rubbed look that absorbs into the grain and that is easily maintained.

Oil modified Polyurethane and Waterbase Polyurethane Finishes are the more common finishes used. Waterbase Polyurethanes are quick drying and provide a low VOC alternative that cures very quickly. Customers appreciate the convenience of being able to move back onto their floors in a shorter time. 

Factory Prefinished Flooring:

There are a vast number of choices in the prefinished flooring market today. Strip and wide plank flooring comes in both solid and engineered in a variety of stain colors. Also prefinished Parquet flooring continues to be a niche market in the US. Aluminum Oxide currently is the factory finish of choice offering extended limited warranty and has all but replaced UV cured Polyurethane. Prefinished Hand-scraped flooring likewise is represented with a great number of offerings in the marketplace.