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Designing Your Perfect Home Office with Hardwood Flooring in Colorado

March 21, 2018

Whether you are seeking a remote position, starting your own business, or have the option to work out of your home—it’s important to set up your home office to work for you. Functionality and organization is key to productivity. With planning and research, you can create the perfect home office that you’ll never want to leave! Use these go-to home office tips to set up your perfect space, that includes premier hardwood flooring in Colorado.

Establishing Needs

Your home office will need to be tailored to your specific needs. Your first step is to begin to make a list of what you need in a work space. If you have a current workspace, start making a list of what you use on a daily basis. Consider things such as:
  • Storage and organization
  • Desk size and filing cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Supplies and materials
  • Shredding
  • Equipment (computer, keyboards, scanner, etc.)
  • Furniture
  • Décor
  • Needs to customers
  • Phone set up

As you manage your day-to-day write down everything you use, how often you use it, and areas you think you can improve. Now is the perfect time to assess your current situation and find better solutions for a functional space.

Discover Your Style for Design and Layout

A great benefit of creating your own space is being able to customize it perfectly the way you want. To get inspiration, consider looking at these 10 tips for designing your home office or browse through Pinterest. Think about what colors you’d like the wall to be, designing the layout, furniture to incorporate, art to hang on the walls, and more. A great way to stay motivated throughout the day is to find small pieces of art with inspirational quotes to keep you going. It is also great to include pictures of friends, family, or special events to make you think of positive things during the work day. When it comes to color, each color will create a different vibe. Blue is always great for a calming atmosphere. If you are looking to bring optimism and energy, consider shades of yellow.  Work long hours? Consider shades of red. You can also mix up your space by adding in an accent wall, or hang large pieces of art.

Making Customer-Friendly

Will you have customers meeting with you in your home office? It is best to ensure there is space to make it comfortable for them. First, make sure there is seating for them, and possibly a table in case they need to work through things while meeting with you.

It is also helpful to have a separate seating area if the two of you need to work together. Otherwise, your desk with a couple of chairs on opposite to work with your clients. Make sure you have places available for them to leave their belongings, hang their coats or bags, and anything else to make their experience more comfortable.

Another bonus that will help provide your customers with a convenient experience is to make Wi-Fi easily accessible to them. You can set the password up to something during the week that you could always change back when you will not be hosting any customers. They will appreciate that added step for them. Last, consider installing a small refrigerator in your office. Keep it stocked with water and a variety of soda to make available to your clients.

Ergonomic Features

Do you realize the importance of having ergonomic furniture in your work place? Ergonomics is not just for comfort but can prevent injuries from improper posture. So, what exactly is ergonomics? Ergonomics is a method of arranging a work space that complements an individual’s needs. It includes seating that encourages proper posture, which may be complemented with foot rests to help with seating posture. It also ensures your arms are at the appropriate length to type, your monitor being an arm’s length away to avoid added eye strain, and keyboards and a mouse that keep your hands at an appropriate distance when you type—helping you avoid carpal tunnel. In addition, there are other aspects you can incorporate in too, such as standing desks to help avoid the downsides of sitting for long periods of time.

Organization and Storage

One of the top priorities you should set during your home office renovation is to ensure your storage and organization needs are met. Today, there are many types of versatile storage furniture allowing you to choose items different than standard metal filing cabinets. If you are self-employed, it is especially important to stay as organized as possible.

One of the top ways to help keep organized is to go electronic. You can take advantage of services such as Google Drive or Dropbox to share files with clients, or to keep online documents secure. For paper you need to store, make sure to use file folders with labels, categorized in an order that makes most sense to you. Keep items you review or file frequently within quick reach.

Hardwood Floors

Another quality addition you can incorporate into your home office renovation is to add hardwood flooring. It’s sleek, and professional. You can add in personality by adding rugs into the space. Hardwood has longevity unlike carpet does, and will especially be helpful if you have clients coming in. Hardwood is easier to clean, so if you have customers coming in with shoes on, you can sweep and lightly mop. It also exudes professionalism that your customers will be impressed with. Find motivation using these home renovation ideas and incorporating hardwood flooring in Colorado.

When it comes to hardwood flooring and design for your home office renovation, Ward Hardwood Flooring has you covered. As your quality hardwood specialist, our flooring will add warmth and charm to your space, making it a relaxing space for you, and professional for your customers. Stop by our showroom to explore ideas at 29390 Industrial Way #100 in Evergreen, Colorado. We’re available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and look forward to helping you create a quality space you will love to spend time in.

Top Ways to Enhance Your Home, Including Hardwood Flooring in Colorado

November 1, 2017

When was the last time you gave your home a makeover? Not a full renovation, but even just a few changes to change the look and feel? It’s easy to get busy and put changes to your home on the backburner. Whether you need to completely renovate your rooms or home, or even would like to make some changes to help the look and feel, fall is the perfect time to accomplish this task. From living rooms, dining rooms, and bathrooms, to bedrooms and the outdoors, learn how to spruce up your home before the winter, and benefits of including hardwood flooring in Colorado.

Living Rooms

Is your living room a cluttered space? When you do not space out furniture correctly, fill walls with too much art or photos, and have décor that doesn’t match, your living room can look outdated. First, if you’re able to, make sure furniture is not pushed up against a wall. If it has to be against a wall, give it a few inches off the wall to help it look like there is room to breathe. If you have additional chairs, or small sofas, space them out from the main piece of furniture. A rug is a great addition to a living room. You don’t need to place the furniture covering all edges of the rug, you can keep two legs on the edges. Last, a fresh coat of paint is a great way to change your living room. If you have a large, empty wall, consider making it an accent wall with a different and bold color, or even a neat design of wallpaper.

The Dining Room

Often times, it is easy to eat meals on the couch in front of the television. Make your dining room a space you want to spend time in to share a meal with those in your home. First, make sure you have a table that fits in the space. Chairs need to be able to pull out easily. If you have a smaller space, consider a table that has a bench seat that can be pushed back under the table to save space. You can also invest in tables that have a built-in leaf that makes it easy to expand the space if you entertain guests. Next, invest in simple décor for your table. Pick placemats that match the art and wall color. You can tie it in with napkins and napkin rings. For lighting, you can mix things up by installing new lights that help to create the ambiance in the room.


When it comes to bathrooms, storage space can sometimes be poorly utilized. Before making changes to your bathroom, take time to look into what areas currently do not meet your needs. Evaluate what extra storage you need. From here, look for a new sink vanity and storage closets that you can place in the bathroom to help you enhance your bathroom’s storage while also helping to enhance the way the space looks. If you have a small bathroom that is a dark color, paint the walls a lighter color. This will help to give the illusion there is more space. Last, if you have older laminate counters, consider installing a stone counter which will hold up to the day to day use better. Stone counters are also easy to clean and do not easily show imperfections.


You start and end your day in your bedroom. Make sure this is your sanctuary to rest and relax. If you have a budget to, consider replacing your mattress and bed if funds allow. On average, a mattress can last up to 10 years. When a mattress is in poor shape, it can actually do a lot of damage to your back and sleeping habits. Next, make sure you have proper lighting in the space. You can have bright overhead lighting when needing to do laundry or other tasks. But for nighttime, make sure you have lights or lamps that you can easily access in bed. This way, if you read a book or watch TV before you go to sleep, you can easily turn out the lamp for some quality ZZZs. Also, make sure you keep your bedroom uncluttered. Have the right amount of bins to place your dirty laundry in if you keep it in the bedroom, and make sure you have plenty of dresser space for clothing. For more ideas, review HuffPost’s six ways to improve your bedroom in 2017.


Even though the winter months are coming up, you have some to-dos this fall before the winter months set in. You will need to remember to fertilize your grass and landscaping to help nourish your plants before winter. After you fertilize, you will also need to remove old mulch and place new mulch down. If your walkways are in poor shape, consider installing brick pavers that have a smooth surface. This will not only look great, but will also help when shoveling snow in the winter by having a seamless surface.

Incorporating Hardwood Flooring

As you are making considerations for your home enhancements, make sure you are not neglecting your flooring. If you have existing hardwood, now is the time to sand it and then you can stain it to give it a new color to change things up. To change up the way it looks, you can also add rugs in different rooms to bring a pop of color. If your home is primarily filled with carpet, consider making the switch to hardwood. It is easier to clean, helps reduce allergens and is also a better investment. When properly cared for, hardwood lasts for decades as opposed to carpet which has a smaller lifespan. Learn more about the financial benefits of hardwood floor installation in Denver homes to see why this is the right decision for you.

To help you add hardwood to your home, contact Ward Hardwood Flooring. As one of Denver’s top hardwood flooring experts for over 30 years, we have the skills and expertise to help you find the right hardwood that fits with your home’s décor and your budget. Contact us today at 303-674-6966 to get started.

How The Professionals Buff Hardwood Flooring

October 18, 2017

Hardwood floors are warm, elegant, and inviting, but their appearance can be affected by scratches or scuffs in the finish over years of heavy usage. To restore your hardwood floor’s natural beauty, you will want to buff out these minor imperfections. Learn more about how to work with an expert to buff hardwood flooring in Colorado and get your beautiful hardwood floor back to its natural look:

Find the right company.

Depending on how you want to buff and refinish your hardwood flooring, you will want to make sure you work with an experienced flooring company in Denver.

There are several reasons why you might want to have a professional come to buff out your floors and rather than install new hardwood. Maybe there is sentimental value to the flooring in your home, or potentially you like the color of the current hardwood and can’t find a perfect match in a new flooring.

Either way, working with an experience professional is vital to completing this project on-time and in good form.

The right equipment.

When working with a professional to tackle this project, they will use a buffing machine for hardwood floors. These machines are typically heavy duty with 20” sand paper pad. This process will typically kick up a lot of dust so it’s important to wear face masks and work to contain the dust.

Clean the floors.

Before the professional begins buffing, they will thoroughly clean the surface of your floors to remove any dirt and debris. Next, they will sweep the floors and use a dust mop to collect any dirt and dust that could be lingering on the surface. Then they will clean the floors using a cleaner specifically designed for hardwood flooring. Let the floors completely dry before starting to buff.

Where to begin?

As a reminder, it is recommended when buffing a floor to start in the left side of the room and slowly work your way over to the right side. This is because buffers typically spin in a clockwise direction, so moving from left to right makes more sense.

Begin buffing.

Now that you know all the buffing tips, you’re ready to work with a professional. After the professional has finished buffing the entire room, they will inspect the corners and other hard-to-reach areas within the room. The machine may not have been able to buff these small areas, so it may be best to go back and buff these spots by hand. Learn more about how to buff floors without a buffing machine.

For more tips on how to take care of your hardwood flooring, get in touch with the professionals at Ward Hardwood Flooring. Contact the team of design experts at who have a knack for helping clients choose the right hardwood floor for their homes, and then preserve it for years after installation. Hardwood flooring is the best option for any home because it is so versatile. Give us a call at 303-674-6966 to set up a consultation with our team today.

Home Renovation Ideas and Incorporating Hardwood Flooring in Colorado

October 4, 2017

For some, purchasing a new home is much easier than renovating. But for others, keeping your existing home is important. No matter if you would like to make small or large fixes, the improvements you would like to make will often be profitable in the long run. As you prepare for a project, it is important to see what else you would like to change in the home while you will be working. While it might be time consuming at first, your preparation and efforts will be worth it. Learn more about the top reasons to renovate, how to fund your project, flooring ideas, and how you can incorporate more energy efficient ideas into your work. We will also cover how to live in a space while renovating and how to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Top Reasons to Renovate

If you are weighing the pros and cons of renovating your existing home or looking to buy a new one, there is one key thing to consider—the market. Right now, Denver is a seller’s market. While this might benefit you as a seller, you may have a harder time finding a home with the things you are interested in that is in your price point. When renovating a home, you will be able to increase its overall value, which will help you sell and increase profits in the years to come. So not only will you be adding value to your home, but you will help to make the space you are in your own—so much so that you may even decide to stay!

Funding a Renovation

Once you have decided you would like to take on a home renovation project, it is important to get proper funding so you can afford a renovation that you are happy with. In the six ways to finance your dream home improvement project from Nerdwallet, a popular choice among homeowners is to refinance their mortgage. Nerdwallet explains that you could also potentially lower your interest rate in this process. You can also take out a line of credit, use a personal loan or a credit card. Be cautious with a credit card though as ones with high interest rates that are not paid off right away can lead you to pay significantly more in the long run. Consider this option if you have a zero percent interest plan. You can also look into the FHA 203k loan which allows you to take out a second mortgage specifically for a home renovation project.

Energy Efficient Ideas

There are a variety of ways you can make your home more energy efficient during a renovation project. One of the best ways to do this is through appliances. When replacing appliances, be sure to look for items that have the Energy Star logo on them. Keep in mind that appliances are much more than just your refrigerator, stove, or dishwasher. It can include your washer, dryer, faucets, toilets, and garbage disposals. Also, it can be helpful to install a thermostat that is on a timer. That way, during the time you are not home, you can turn your air conditioning or heat down depending on the season and you can set it on a timer to come back on soon before you get home so it is comfortable. In addition, you can also install energy efficient lights and power strips.

Indoor Flooring

When it comes to replacing the flooring in your home during a remodel project, hardwood is an excellent solution. It is easy to clean and maintain, perfect for kids and families and will last for decades. Plus, if you grow tired of its appearance, you can always clean and sand it then re-stain it to be a different color. This is an option you do not have with carpet or laminate flooring. When choosing hardwood in your home, you are choosing a natural method that will wow you, your family, and any guests that come into the home. You can speak with your local hardwood flooring specialist to see which types of hardwood will work out best for your renovation.

Living in a Space While Working

For many, they may not have the funds to stay in a hotel, or the ability to stay with a friend or relative during a home renovation project. While it might be loud and messy sometimes, you will be very happy once it is all over. When renovating rooms you frequent often such as the kitchen, find workarounds that will help you cook food. This can include slow cookers or instant pots. You can find great, easy recipes that help you easily make a dinner for you and your family. If your dining room is also being renovated, create a makeshift dining room or even invest in inexpensive outdoor dining set for your family to enjoy a meal at. It is also important to know the schedule of the workers, ask them what needs they have that you can help with, and properly rope of areas that workers frequently visit.

Outdoor Tips

When renovating the interior of your home, do not forget the outside! It is a great way to boost curb appeal which can help you sell your home later down the road. First, check out the outside of the home. If the paint is chipping, or siding is damaged, work with your insurance company to see what they will cover. During that process, it doesn’t hurt to have your roof inspected for issues. Next, replace mulch and ramp up your landscaping to fill it with welcoming colors and flowers. This is a great project to work through on the outside of your home while there might be a team working inside.

As you plan for your home renovation project, keep Ward Hardwood Flooring in mind for all of your hardwood flooring needs. Our floors will add a warmth and beauty to your house unlike anything you have ever seen before. Once installing hardwood, be sure you learn how to care for our hardwood flooring in Colorado. To get started with your project and see how we can help you renovate, call us at 303-674-6966.

Ways to Transform Your Home including Benefits of Hardwood Floor Refinishing

September 27, 2017

Are you looking for ways to transform the look of your home? You have a variety of options, both large and small, that will help to change the overall look and feel and brighten up your space. With a new season rolling around, now is a great time to clean your home and make changes before fall. Learn how you can transform through brightening up areas, arranging furniture, and investing in new counters and appliances. You can also mix things up with décor and rugs, hardwood floor refinishing, or new hardwood flooring. In your home.

Brighten Up Areas

If your home feels dark and unwelcoming, there are many changes you can make to brighten things up. First, start with a new, fresh coat of paint. Choose a white or light color scheme to paint along your walls. You can also find bright and vibrant art to put on the walls to add in personality or a pop of color. If you have a home that is narrow and closed off, consider a renovation project to tear down walls and open up spaces. You will need to work with a professional that can let you know which areas are safe to remove so you do not hurt the overall structure. Also, take time to de-clutter. Remove items you do not need and have a garage sale or donate them to a local charity.

Furniture Arrangement

Did you how much furniture plays in the overall look and feel of your home? First, make sure you do not have furniture that is blocking entryways and walkways. Keep all pieces of furniture and accessories spaced out and not too close together, which can make the area feel crowded. For many, they use feng shui to help them arrange their furniture throughout the house. Learn how to create good feng shui in your home from The Spruce. Some tips for creating feng shui include using a rectangular furniture arrangement, having furniture (i.e. beds or couches” facing a door as opposed to its back facing the door, using circular decorations, avoiding clutter, having furniture’s backs against walls, and incorporating bookshelves.

Installing New Counters and Appliances

New countertops and appliances are a drastic change you can make to your home. This change can also increase the value of your home if you think you may want to sell it later down the road. If you have simple laminate countertops, especially ones that show their wear and tear, consider installing a stone option, such as granite, marble, or quartz. These are all heavy-duty stones that can stand up to the heavy day use and abuse in a kitchen, that can also be placed in your bathroom. When sealed, this helps to keep germs from spreading and some models are also resistant to heat, which will help you as you prepare food. Stainless steel appliances are also a great upgrade to makeover white or black appliances. You can incorporate a lightly colored backsplash in kitchens and bathrooms to help brighten up the space.

Décor and Rugs

Decorations and rugs are a key player to creating a bright and refreshed look in a home. Take some time to look at local stores that sell art and find deals on pieces of art that you can place throughout your home. Avoid filling a wall with a ton of small pictures, choose one to three large pictures that can be strategically placed. Next, if there are empty spots that look awkward, use art to fill those spaces, such as above a sitting chair or in a long walkway. If you have long, vertical open walls, you can invest in a few pictures to hang to properly fill the space. Rugs also play a huge part in brightening up the space, too. Determine the areas you would to like to place a rug. From there, take measurements to see what the space is you would like to place the rugs in. From there, find a size that is large, but small enough to now have to go under furniture, such as a sofa. You can also place vertical rugs in walkways and in your front for people as they enter.

Hardwood Refinishing

If you have existing hardwood flooring before considering a replacement, you may be able to make some large changes to it through refinishing. This is an option that will save money in the long run, too. When a local hardwood flooring company refinishes a floor, they use a sander which will remove any scratches or imperfections in the floor. They can then add on a stain which will change the color of the flooring. The types of stain that are put on the floor are also a great way to change the color and make the floor more durable. By choosing a bright shade, you will help to brighten up your space. Learn more in the hardwood flooring showroom tips, choosing the finish.

New Hardwood Flooring

If you have wall to wall carpet in your home, it is time to open up the space with hardwood flooring. Hardwood is a great, allergen-free option that lasts for decades. This is because of the ability to last for decades. When installing from scratch you can work with your local hardwood flooring expert on which type is best. From wide planks to thin, you can find the exact type of hardwood flooring that works for you and your family.

As you work on ways to brighten your home, let Ward Hardwood Flooring cover all of your hardwood flooring needs. From hardwood floors to refinishing services, we can help you along the way to find the best options to brighten your home. Be sure to check out our current specials to see what prices we have available. From there, reach out to us to discuss with us what your best options are. Visit our showroom at 29390 Industrial Way, #100 in Evergreen, CO. We are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.