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Top 5 Hardwood Flooring Trends in Denver for 2018

July 11, 2018

After the start of the new year, new trends in hardwood flooring have surfaced for your Colorado home. Staying current with the latest and most up to date information regarding hardwood flooring is crucial for keeping up with the current styles, and summer is the perfect time to update the look and feel of your home. 

1. Environmentally friendly finishes

As society becomes more conscious about the effect certain products have on our environment, the movement towards ecologically friendly alternatives will continue to grow in 2018. The use of green products in our homes has grown exponentially in recent years and can be witnessed in the growth of green construction materials as well.

One of the components of hardwood flooring is the finish, which can consist of products that are not beneficial for the environment. For the new year, expect to see an increase in the usage of higher quality polyurethane oils which smell less and are VOC compliant. VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. Certain compounds have lower boiling points, which causes large amounts of chemicals to evaporate or sublimate from the solid or liquid form and enter into the surrounding air within an environment.

There are a variety of higher grade finishes on the market that are VOC compliant, which means the compounds meets an acceptable level of VOC’s. Not all VOC’s are necessarily harmful for human health, however you can expect to see a push for reduced levels of VOC’s across the hardwood flooring industry. A selection of products are available with reduced levels of VOC’s compared to other products. 

In addition to polyurethane oils that are VOC compliant, the use of natural oils, such as tung and linseed oils, have increased in popularity. Resinous waxes are also being applied as an alternative to standard finish products in the effort to use biodegradable and non-toxic products. Beyond environmental factors, the advantage of using such oils is that they can be easily reapplied if the floor is scratched. Because these oils penetrate the wood, they have the benefit of creating a richer and more organic patina. The drawback for using these types of natural oils is that they are much more expensive than traditional finishes. They also can easily absorb water, as they do not provide a protective finish against moisture. As a result, they require more regular maintenance, and can be costly to upkeep.

2. Wide-ranging color options

A recent trend in hardwood flooring is the use of neutral floor colors. In new homes, the most popular colors used by designers are gray, blonde, and dark. Neutral colors can give a home a more contemporary and modern look, and many homeowners choose ash or white oak to achieve this. Bold color choices have also seen an increase in popularity. Reclaimed old world blend hardwood is a bold, darker choice for those looking to go outside the standard color scheme, as every board is unique and tells a different story. 

Darker brown flooring should become more popular in 2018 and beyond. The only downside of such color choices is that they can make a room appear smaller, leading to a more congested feeling. Deciding to go with this color scheme may be a better option if your home has a larger floorplan or taller ceilings.

3. Unique texture options.

Color is typically the first on the list when people are looking at hardwood flooring, but the importance of texture also cannot be overlooked. With the rise in popularity of more rustic and earthy styles, textured flooring has become more in-demand than ever. One texture style variation includes hand scraped wood floors. The method of long, ingrained scrapes along the surface of the wood gives the appearance that each plank was hand-crafted. This method is also more time-consuming and expensive but will deliver beautiful custom flooring.

Another method is wire brushing which gives floors a distressed appearance and offers homeowners the advantage of not having to worry about small scratches impacting the look of their floor. As a result, this option can be perfect for customers who have pets or small children.

4. Special patterning and layout options

The standard hardwood flooring layout is to run the boards in the same direction as the layout of the room. However, there are a variety of layout options to choose from that stand out from the traditional form. Some pattern options offer diagonal layouts, meaning the floors are laid out at an angle to the wall. Another option that could gain traction in the new year is that of a herringbone style, which features planks that are arranged in a hexagonal patterning. Again, these alternative layout options require more labor and materials, which can impact your final decision.

5. Wide plank flooring.

Beyond color, texture, and layout options, one of the other trends to be on the lookout for are wider plank flooring. This option creates the appearance that your room is larger; and that the floors are sturdy and high quality. It can be a great way to make a statement that your floor is the premium feature of your home. 

If you are interested in updating your floor or need hardwood floor installation in your new home, please contact Ward Hardwood today. A qualified specialist would be happy to help you find the perfect hardwood flooring option, no matter what your needs.


Designing Your Perfect Master Bedroom with Reclaimed Wood

July 4, 2018

Your bedroom is the place you start and end your day and should invoke peace and tranquility. The space should be arranged and designed in a way to make you enjoy your time spent there. Unfortunately, sometimes a bedroom design and layout can cause you stress or difficulty sleeping! There are so many great ways to create the bedroom you are looking for. No matter what your budget, explore these options to mix up the space and make it work better for you. From layout, storage, and fireplaces, to furniture, and flooring with reclaimed wood, learn how to create a bedroom that works for you.

Layout Design Ideas

The design and layout of your bedroom is key. Avoid having a bedroom that is cluttered and laid out in a manner that is hard to navigate around. You should be able to get to each point in the bedroom—from the bed to the closet. If you have a small room, keep your bed close to a wall and leave a small walkway. Choose the corner of the room diagonal to the door to provide a larger amount of space for the other furniture in the room. 

For larger rooms, opt to have your bed centered on a wall opposite of the door. In both large and small rooms, you can have tables or attached nightstands with lamps and other items. One way to help a room seem larger, or for great décor, is to have a mirror mounted on the wall. When choosing the spot to mount it, mount it right above the bed. This way, you will help the room feel larger and airier with great aesthetic design. 

If you choose to have a television in your bedroom, avoid putting it in a location hard to see. One of the best options is to mount it to the wall directly in front of the bed—if possible. If not, choose the side of the room easiest for viewing if it does not distract from the other areas. To tie in rustic elements, consider adding a wooden accent wall made of reclaimed wood at the far end of the space. Finalize the room with a tall mirror, a favorite painting, or even wood accent shelving to hold items that bring your personality into the space.

Closets and Storage

The closet in your master bedroom needs to be easy to organize and navigate. When starting from scratch, there are a variety of brilliant ways to make the space work for you that goes beyond clothing bars to hang clothes. While you may have the space to hang your clothes, consider adding built-in shelves that can take place of your dressers—freeing up space in the bedroom. You can have separate areas for different types of clothing, shoes, jewelry, and more. You can also have built-in drawers added to your master closet as well for personal items. No matter what you need stored, you can add it in your customized master closet. 

Tying into the reclaimed wood accent wall in the bedroom, hardwood flooring is a great option for a closet. Why? It is easy to clean and doesn’t harbor dust and other elements the way carpet does—keeping your clothes cleaner and minimizing allergens. 

For closet lighting design, ultimately that is up to you. You can choose warm vibes, which tie in well with a rustic feel, or even hang a chandelier to add a chic vibe. You can choose from recessed, track, or hanging lights that fit your feel. You can even add in lights within your built-in shelves to help you better identify items.  

Fireplaces and Mantels

A great addition to your bedroom during a renovation is a fireplace. It helps create that cozy feel you are looking for and helps keep you warm in the winter. 

When it comes to the types of fireplaces you can choose, there are electric and gas models. If trying to save money up front, electric models cost less—but note that it will increase your electric bills each month. For smaller bedrooms, many homeowners choose electric to help save on space; however, if you have a larger bedroom then a gas fireplace is a great option. If you choose a gas fireplace, it will need a chimney whereas an electric will not. Wood burning fireplaces are the most cost-effective, but also require the most work for installation. Ultimately, the choice is yours. 

When building your ideal fireplace, wood accents will bring both character and personalization to the focal point of the room. One of the most common locations to place the fireplace is across from a bed on an outer wall to highlight its’ beauty. You can decorate around it with chairs and a small table and mount a television or mirror above a mantel made of reclaimed wood.


Do you have a smaller bedroom? Find furniture that serves a dual purpose with storage. You can find beds with built-in drawers to replace your dressers. You can also find nightstands with drawers that attach to your bed to help save on space. If you will be adding lamps or lighting to your bed, make sure to be mindful of their size as you do not want the room to become cluttered. If you would like to continue using reclaimed wood, consider having a custom bed built out of the same material to tie in with the existing accents. 

For another small cozy touch, add a chair with an ottoman or a chaise in the corner opposite of the bed. Next to the chair, place a lamp with warm lighting. This is perfect for reading or relaxing at the end of a long day.

Flooring Go-Tos

For the perfect flooring option in your master bedroom remodel, add reclaimed hardwood. Reclaimed hardwood flooring is the final piece to tie into your bedroom design. It adds the warmth needed for a relaxing environment. For a darker tone, choose a distressed grade reclaimed oak to achieve varying shades of dark brown. For a lighter choice, try a milled grade reclaimed tobacco pine.

To help you with any of your reclaimed wood needs for your bedroom renovation, Ward Hardwood Flooring can help. When it comes to choosing Denver reclaimed wood flooring from your hardwood floor showroom, we can show you everything to design your perfect space. Get started on your ideal bedroom design today by calling 303-674-6713, or email

Top Design Ideas using Reclaimed Wood and Antique Flooring in Denver to Transform Your Home

June 27, 2018

Investing in your home to enhance its appearance, functionality, and value is key. This is true whether you plan on staying in the home for years, or you are considering a sale in the future. A specialist can work to give you a blank slate for creating the rustic home you have always wanted. Learn about some of the top home investment and decor ideas to consider using reclaimed wood and antique flooring in Denver.

Basement Finishes and Remodels

Unfinished basements are one of the top projects homeowners neglect to complete, but that add substantial value to a home. Finishing the space will help it become a much safer environment, especially older basements that harbor pests, mold, and mildew. 

A basement remodel is also the perfect opportunity to bring the space up to code, which is crucial for safety. For most homes, a remodel will add much better insulation. This provides overall savings as the temperature inside will stay more consistent, lowering utility bills and increasing energy efficiency. So, what is there to consider with your basement?

Envision how you could benefit from additional space. Perhaps you need a spare bedroom or an extra bathroom? Or maybe it would be helpful to have a larger space to do laundry? There are also homeowners that create a recreational space. This is perfect for entertaining or for home theaters with insulation and sound barriers that will not interrupt anyone upstairs. Finishing the space with dark hardwood floors and reclaimed beams will help make it a cozy, relaxing space.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the most common space in the home where families spend time together. When remodeling a kitchen, your priority should be to look at your counters and cabinets. Installing stone counters such as granite, marble, or quartz is a much more durable choice. Stone counters are rich with color and are preferred among homebuyers. They are easy to clean and can stand up to the everyday wear and tear of a kitchen. If going for a more dramatic statement, a butcher block counter may be used on an island to create a truly unique focal piece in the room.

For cabinets, choose a color that coordinates with your new counters. Many will choose a darker stone for the counters and a lighter color for cabinets—but you can choose any matching combination that fits your style. Next, fixtures need to match the theme of the room. Make sure all fixtures have the same finish for consistency. 

Be sure to add in hardwood flooring for the final touches on the space for that warm, rustic feel. You can also add a wall with light colored reclaimed wood. All the hardwood in the kitchen can be customized to achieve the exact look to tie the entire room together. Wood accents paired with a light color will make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

Enhancing the Living Room

When looking for the ideal way to bring new life to your living room, create a centerpiece or focal point. You can accomplish this by adding or When looking for the ideal way to bring new life to your living room, create a centerpiece or focal point. You can accomplish this by adding or renovating a mantel. Mantels of salvaged wood tell a story of the past and can be mixed with your story as you will be able to decorate them with photos and pieces that fit your personality. You can work with your hardwood expert to find the type of wood that best fits your home. 

Create consistency and continuity by adding wood beams to your ceiling. This reclaimed wood addition will create character in a space and make a dramatic difference. The design of the beams is up to you. You could add several evenly spaced beams, a few beams for a simplistic design, or one solid beam for a bold statement. Depending on the color of your room, you can leave the wood as-is with its original color or have them stained to match the other decor.

To finalize your living room, make sure your layout complements the space. Spaces come in all different shapes and sizes, so you need to arrange your furniture and decor in the best way to make the room shine. Arrange furniture in smaller rooms strategically to make the space feel welcoming and create walkways in larger rooms to ensure great flow throughout.

Freshening Up Bathrooms

Outdated bathroom counters age the room and decrease its value. If you opted to install stone counters in your kitchen, have the same stone installed in your bathrooms. You may even be able to get a discount by installing the stone in several rooms. 

Next, give the space a fresh coat of paint. If you have a small bathroom, opt for lighter colors that will help the space feel larger. You can help the space pop by adding in an accent wall to matches the work done in a different room. Add in open wood shelving of reclaimed wood for functionality and design. For the final touches, add rustic farmhouse vanity lighting.

Hardwood Flooring

As you work to renovate the rooms in your home, install antique hardwood flooring. This is a crucial piece to tie in for the rustic look and feel you are searching for. While there are different types of hardwood, such as antique oak, heart pine, tobacco pine, hickory, and more—each plank is different. While every room of your house will have the same theme, each plank will tell a different story. This is a fantastic way to give new life to a piece of the past. Learn how to prepare for hardwood floor installation in your home before you begin.

To help you design your perfect home remodel, Ward Hardwood Flooring has a large selection of hardwood, reclaimed wood, and more to incorporate. They will help you add warmth and beauty to your home at a price that works with your budget. To explore your options, call today at 303-674-6966 or email 

How to Prepare A Timeline for Your Hardwood Flooring Project

June 22, 2018

Getting new hardwood flooring installed can be an exciting process. New floors completely change the look and feel of your home and they increase its overall value. As with any investment, it is important to follow proper steps and guidelines to achieve the desired result. This includes the very important step of acclimating the hardwood flooring to the environmental conditions that it will be exposed to within your home. After acclimation, the installation and finishing process may begin, which can vary from project to project. While the timeline may be hard to predict, following these tips can help make planning a lot easier. 

What is Acclimation?

As hardwood flooring is a naturally sourced material, it will behave quite differently after installation than any other type of flooring material. Expansion and contraction of the material is a natural response to changes in the moisture content of the surrounding environment. If not properly acclimated, noticeable changes will appear in your flooring; such as cupping, warping, and gapping. Proper acclimation will equilibrate the moisture content of the wood to the environment in which it is expected to perform.

How to Acclimate your Hardwood Flooring

Upon delivery of your wood flooring, a baseline will need to be established and the moisture content of multiple boards will need to be checked using a moisture meter. Ideal interior environmental conditions vary based on region and the specific job site, so it is important to ensure that any heating or cooling systems as well as humidifiers are in place and operational at least 5 days prior to bringing the flooring in to acclimate. Be sure to allow for plenty of space within the room in which you will be storing the material, as a common practice in acclimation is to cross-stack the wood to allow for air circulation on all sides of the boards. Speak with a flooring expert and visit for more information about the process.  

Installation and Finishing Process

When planning a renovation project, it is always good to over-estimate the schedule as there are many unforeseen issues that may arise. It is difficult to determine what might be underneath existing flooring, so removing and hauling away carpet, linoleum, tile or hardwood might cause the project to slow down or sometimes even halt completely. Installing new hardwood flooring can present unforeseen issues with the subfloor. It may need to be leveled or sealed, and if there is any radiant heating system then special precautions will need to be taken during the installation process. Occasionally the sub-floor does not meet current industry standards, and may need to be repaired or completely replaced to ensure a solid foundation for the hardwood. 
Once the sub floor has been addressed, the installation process may begin and is entirely dependent on square footage. Sanding and finishing is also dependent on size, but typically requires 3 days to complete for a 1,000 square foot project. Depending on the type of material and if stain is chosen or not, a few extra days may be necessary to accommodate for drying time. While it can be frustrating to not know an exact timeline, get with a flooring specialist to help you get an estimate for what your specific project will entail in terms of the scope of work.
The final step is to ensure that precautions are taken after installation to prevent damage to the new flooring, especially if other trades will be completing other work. If a pre-finished material is chosen it will allow you to walk on the floor, replace furniture and place rugs immediately after the install; however, if you are getting a site-finished floor, you will have to take precautions to avoid damaging the finish. If you are site finishing, doors and windows must stay closed for at least 10 hours afterwards, and shoes should not be worn on the floor for at least a week. Moving furniture back onto the floor can be done after 7 to 10 days and felt glides should be utilized to prevent scratching. Keep in mind that the type of finish and addition of staining may also extend the timeline.

Care Tips for Long Term Quality

Be sure to budget time to properly care for your floors, even after completing your renovation, to help the hardwood stay pristine. Cleaning should be done with specialized floor cleaner and a microfiber material that will quickly pick up dust, dirt, and particles to prevent abrasion scratching.
When you are ready to install new, beautiful hardwood flooring, you can trust the experts at Ward Hardwood Flooring. From new installation to re-finishing, and re-staining, you will want professionals to handle the job to ensure it is done efficiently and properly. To see what we can do for you, visit You can also visit our showroom at 29390 Industrial Way, #100, in Evergreen, Colorado. You may also call us at 303-674-6966 or email us at

Ways Barn Doors and Decor Ideas Can Transform Your Home

June 20, 2018

When was the last time you updated the decor of your home? If you have the same design, decorations, and paint that you have had for years, consider making a few changes to spruce things up! Even with the smallest of changes, you can make a huge difference in the way your house looks and feels. Another great bonus of a few updates is the added value it will bring to your home. Now is a great time to make these changes, and you can utilize this list for inspiration. From barn doors and wall treatments to flooring and reclaimed wood, you have plenty of options to liven up your house and make it exciting.

Getting Creative with Doors

The doors in your home are the entryways into each space. If you have plain wood doors or even just the same doors you have had for years, consider making some changes. A great idea for some areas is to incorporate sliding barn doors. These are great for bedrooms or rooms separated by a door that allow you to easily open and make a space appear larger. Barn doors add a touch of character that will completely transform a space. Plus, they are available in many different colors. Try a dark wood door on a light-colored background for contrast, or a light door on a dark accent wall. You can also work with your local hardwood company on different sliding track options that best fit the overall design of the room. By collaborating with them, you can add a track and knob consistent with the space. 

For the remaining doors in the house you choose, it is best to be consistent. When you have multiple different types of doors, especially with different knobs, it does not fare well with the home’s overall design. Depending on the look of your home, using reclaimed barn doors can add the perfect amount of character! When using this option, your local hardwood company will create an overall design that works with a space. So, whether you would like doors with or without windows, and any different design, they will assist you throughout the process.  

The Magic of Paint and Wall Treatments

Are you wondering how you can quickly and inexpensively transform a room? Paint and wall treatments are your go-to! When it comes to paint, you Are you wondering how you can quickly and inexpensively transform a room? Paint and wall treatments are your go-to! When it comes to paint, you want to avoid using dark colors on all four walls of a small room. Why? It makes it appear and feel smaller than it is, since the light has nothing to bounce off. If you would like a darker color in a small room, consider an accent wall. Accent walls overall are a great option to mix up the way a room feels.

In addition to paint, did you know you can install wood wall treatments and cladding into your home? This is the perfect idea for any style, whether it be a country home with a rustic feel, or a modern space. Some homeowners love to add an entire wood accent wall with several different planks that give it depth and variety. Others choose to incorporate a wood accent in specific areas, such as fireplaces, bars, or ceiling treatments. You can even add ceiling beams to create a unique space.

Hardwood Flooring Transformations

If you are looking to make an investment in your home, consider changing out your carpet for hardwood. Not only is this option better for those with allergies, but it is a great way to increase the value of your home. Hardwood flooring is preferred with over half of America’s homebuyers today, a trend that has been popular for years. So even if you have no plans on selling anytime soon, it is a great option for down the road. 

When it comes to the different types of flooring, you have a few options. First, wide plank flooring has board widths of five inches or more and can make a space look grand. It is available in most types of hardwood species, allowing you to work with your hardwood flooring company on colors and finishes that work for your home. Strip flooring is another option that is ideal for those on a budget. Planks are narrower, and you can choose from several finishing options that will allow you to customize exactly what you would like. Pre-finished flooring is your third option. This type of flooring is completely ready to go as soon as it is installed, which cuts down on your wait time after sanding and finishing the floors.

Add History with Reclaimed Wood

For a variety of options to add more character into the rooms in your house, incorporate reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is recycled hardwood that was previously used in another setting, such as a barn, deck, railroad, warehouse, school, and much more. Reclaimed wood can date back a hundred years or more, allowing you to add a piece of history to your home! Homeowners love this idea for hardwood floors, doors, handrails, mantels, and ceiling beams; the possibilities are limitless. You can talk to your hardwood specialist to help you find creative ways to incorporate reclaimed wood in your home renovation and decor projects. You will love having your little piece of history in your home each day.

Whether you are looking to add reclaimed barn doors, hardwood flooring, beams, mantels, handrails, wall treatments, or any other custom woodwork to your home, Ward Hardwood Flooring is your local hardwood specialist. They can help you with a variety of areas to bring life back into your spaces! They put love and care into each one of their projects, as they have for the last 30 years. You can rest assured they will go above and beyond with your project. To explore options for your home, call today at 303-674-6966 or email