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Barn Siding & Snow Fence

Antique & Reclaimed Barn Siding & Snow Fence

Antique and Reclaimed barn siding comes to us from carefully dismantled barns throughout the Midwest and Eastern states. Naturally weathered by exposure to the elements, our barn siding with its rustic patina is sorted by color and widths. Our siding is available in silver gray, gray with white, gray with red and brown as well as mixed. Antique barn siding truly lasts through years of exposure and time. In many varieties of color and texture, this material creates a look that will withstand its style throughout the ages. Another great benefit to using antique barn siding is the uniqueness it brings in each piece of wood. Antique Barn Wood Siding is available in a myriad sizes as well as a great range of colors.

Also try our Reclaimed Snow Fence, coming from Lodge Pole Pine, Ponderosa Pine, Spruce, and Douglas Fir all from the Rocky Mountain region. It's naturally aged and weathered for up to 15 years as slats on snow fences. Reclaimed Snow Fence is fantastic for everything from exterior siding, interior wall siding to custom barn doors.


Available In A range of thicknesses, they tend to vary slightly
Color Red, Grey, Brown, Mixed
Thickness ½" - 1"
Widths 3" - 12" random width mixes are preferable
Lengths 4' - 16' random lengths, can specify lengths
LEED Credit Yes


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