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Top Ways to Include Wood in Your Home Renovation, Including Hardwood Floor Installation

August 15, 2018

Top Ways to Include Wood in Your Home Renovation, Including Hardwood Floor Installation

Wood is the perfect accent piece to incorporate throughout your home. It can be subtle yet adds so much character and charm. When you are renovating your home, let wood become the staple of your design and décor. It will be that perfect addition to make the space complete. Try any (or all!) of these ideas when you take on your home renovation project with hardwood floor installation.

Accent Walls
Over the last few years, accent walls have become a top trend that homeowners choose to liven up a room. It started out with painting one of the walls in the room a different color than the rest. As time went on, so did design creativity. Using a different, but similar, paint color evolved into the use of simple patterns or even adding in multiple colors and designs. Trends then turned to wallpaper. This wasn’t your 1970’s off-yellow wallpaper with flower patterns, it was sleek and fresh. As soon as people started to realize the many options for accent walls, they realized wood also made a great material for creating a bold focal point in a room. There are many different options when it comes to utilizing wood for accent walls. Use darker, aged reclaimed wood that has a mixture of colors for a rustic, farmhouse feel, or, if you have a modern home, choose a re-sawn wood with little color variation.

Built-In Shelving
Adding built-in shelves could be the perfect addition to your home. There are endless options available and they can fit into any design while providing functionality. Some ideas for built-in shelving includes:  
  • Storage for a living room, creating a home entertainment center arrangement
  • Wall length shelves in a home office with built-in track lighting
  • Master bedroom walk-in closet setups for clothes, shoes and jewelry
  • Stylish Bookcases that eliminate clutter
  • Mantel over the fireplace
  • Nightstands that fit into any size space
  • Dining room shelves to showcase art and décor while providing storage for dishes
Wood kitchen cabinets are a great addition to your home. If your cabinets are old, consider renovating your kitchen and add wood cabinets. For a cozy feel, choose a medium tone wood, or you can create a rustic feel by using distressed reclaimed hardwood that has both light and dark shades. If your style is contemporary or modern, choose a single shade of wood and make sure it has a smooth finish. Be sure to complete the look with customized hardware. If your kitchen has a large suspended hood above your oven, you can add cabinets directly above it to bring the kitchen together and hide unsightly vents. No matter what, your local hardwood specialist can create custom solutions, allowing you to add design, character and function to your space.

Ceiling Beams
Ceiling beams are a subtle touch to add during your renovation project. You can keep them simple by adding a few that extend the length of the room, staining them to match existing hardwoods or choose distressed beams for a rustic feel. If you have a space that needs a bold focal point, consider intersecting beams to create a pattern on the ceiling, which is more ideal for larger spaces. Depending on your room and location in the house, you can add skylight windows in between beams—perfect to adding natural light in your house. Beams can also be curved or angled if a room has vaulted ceilings, and many homeowners love trusses.

Butcher Block in the Kitchen
A butcher block is the perfect addition in the kitchen. Butcher block counters are planks of wood merged together and treated allowing you to cut and prepare food without using a cutting board. You might choose to install a butcher block on an island or outfit all countertops with wood. Certain stone counters have anti-microbial properties, and wood counters can also be resistant to germs and bacteria. Contrary to stone, wood typically needs to be treated at least twice per year to maintain their luster.

Hardwood Flooring
The ultimate way to add wood in your home is flooring, especially reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood has character and life, as it has been around for many years. This type of wood is available in a variety of colors, allowing you to mix and match light and dark to make the space unique. Reclaimed wood is also eco-friendly, and you can feel secure in your investment as you are saving and repurposing wood with rich history. There are many other types of hardwood flooring a homeowner may choose if reclaimed does not sound like a good fit. it is crucial to find the perfect fit for your home that fits your décor and style. Some options include:
  • Strip flooring
  • Wide plank flooring
  • Pre-finished flooring
When you are refinishing your hardwood flooring Colorado, your floors are sanded down to eliminate imperfections from over the years. You can also re-stain it to be a different color. This allows you to easily change the look of your flooring if you choose to change your design in the future. 

When it comes to any of your home renovation and décor needs, choose the experts at Ward Hardwood Flooring. They have a variety of wood accents and flooring that will make for the perfect addition to your home. From wood beams, barn doors, and accent walls, to barn siding, timbers, and mantels, they have it all. Drop by our showroom located at 29390 Industrial Way #100 in Evergreen, call 303-674-6966 or email for more information!