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Top Design Ideas using Reclaimed Wood and Antique Flooring in Denver to Transform Your Home

June 27, 2018

Investing in your home to enhance its appearance, functionality, and value is key. This is true whether you plan on staying in the home for years, or you are considering a sale in the future. A specialist can work to give you a blank slate for creating the rustic home you have always wanted. Learn about some of the top home investment and decor ideas to consider using reclaimed wood and antique flooring in Denver.

Basement Finishes and Remodels

Unfinished basements are one of the top projects homeowners neglect to complete, but that add substantial value to a home. Finishing the space will help it become a much safer environment, especially older basements that harbor pests, mold, and mildew. 

A basement remodel is also the perfect opportunity to bring the space up to code, which is crucial for safety. For most homes, a remodel will add much better insulation. This provides overall savings as the temperature inside will stay more consistent, lowering utility bills and increasing energy efficiency. So, what is there to consider with your basement?

Envision how you could benefit from additional space. Perhaps you need a spare bedroom or an extra bathroom? Or maybe it would be helpful to have a larger space to do laundry? There are also homeowners that create a recreational space. This is perfect for entertaining or for home theaters with insulation and sound barriers that will not interrupt anyone upstairs. Finishing the space with dark hardwood floors and reclaimed beams will help make it a cozy, relaxing space.

Kitchen Upgrades

The kitchen is the most common space in the home where families spend time together. When remodeling a kitchen, your priority should be to look at your counters and cabinets. Installing stone counters such as granite, marble, or quartz is a much more durable choice. Stone counters are rich with color and are preferred among homebuyers. They are easy to clean and can stand up to the everyday wear and tear of a kitchen. If going for a more dramatic statement, a butcher block counter may be used on an island to create a truly unique focal piece in the room.

For cabinets, choose a color that coordinates with your new counters. Many will choose a darker stone for the counters and a lighter color for cabinets—but you can choose any matching combination that fits your style. Next, fixtures need to match the theme of the room. Make sure all fixtures have the same finish for consistency. 

Be sure to add in hardwood flooring for the final touches on the space for that warm, rustic feel. You can also add a wall with light colored reclaimed wood. All the hardwood in the kitchen can be customized to achieve the exact look to tie the entire room together. Wood accents paired with a light color will make you fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

Enhancing the Living Room

When looking for the ideal way to bring new life to your living room, create a centerpiece or focal point. You can accomplish this by adding or When looking for the ideal way to bring new life to your living room, create a centerpiece or focal point. You can accomplish this by adding or renovating a mantel. Mantels of salvaged wood tell a story of the past and can be mixed with your story as you will be able to decorate them with photos and pieces that fit your personality. You can work with your hardwood expert to find the type of wood that best fits your home. 

Create consistency and continuity by adding wood beams to your ceiling. This reclaimed wood addition will create character in a space and make a dramatic difference. The design of the beams is up to you. You could add several evenly spaced beams, a few beams for a simplistic design, or one solid beam for a bold statement. Depending on the color of your room, you can leave the wood as-is with its original color or have them stained to match the other decor.

To finalize your living room, make sure your layout complements the space. Spaces come in all different shapes and sizes, so you need to arrange your furniture and decor in the best way to make the room shine. Arrange furniture in smaller rooms strategically to make the space feel welcoming and create walkways in larger rooms to ensure great flow throughout.

Freshening Up Bathrooms

Outdated bathroom counters age the room and decrease its value. If you opted to install stone counters in your kitchen, have the same stone installed in your bathrooms. You may even be able to get a discount by installing the stone in several rooms. 

Next, give the space a fresh coat of paint. If you have a small bathroom, opt for lighter colors that will help the space feel larger. You can help the space pop by adding in an accent wall to matches the work done in a different room. Add in open wood shelving of reclaimed wood for functionality and design. For the final touches, add rustic farmhouse vanity lighting.

Hardwood Flooring

As you work to renovate the rooms in your home, install antique hardwood flooring. This is a crucial piece to tie in for the rustic look and feel you are searching for. While there are different types of hardwood, such as antique oak, heart pine, tobacco pine, hickory, and more—each plank is different. While every room of your house will have the same theme, each plank will tell a different story. This is a fantastic way to give new life to a piece of the past. Learn how to prepare for hardwood floor installation in your home before you begin.

To help you design your perfect home remodel, Ward Hardwood Flooring has a large selection of hardwood, reclaimed wood, and more to incorporate. They will help you add warmth and beauty to your home at a price that works with your budget. To explore your options, call today at 303-674-6966 or email