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Hardwood Repairs and Different Types of Finishing Treatments from Your Local Hardwood Floor Showroom

May 30, 2018

One of the best qualities of hardwood flooring is that it is versatile and can last for decades with proper care. Unlike carpet, which needs replaced after approximately five years, due to wear, tear and allergens, you can give your hardwood flooring some TLC and make it look brand new. There are a variety of options a homeowner can choose from to revamp their existing hardwoods, completely changing the feeling of the room. Also, if making the switch from carpet to hardwood, you can be confident in the fact that down the road, there are options for changing the look of the floor, as well as options to increase longevity. 

How do you know if your hardwood flooring may need some work, why should you choose to restore your hardwood, and what are the different types of techniques used? From hand-scraping, distressing, staining, and more, you can make your hardwood both fit your home and last for decades!

Does My Hardwood Need Work?

Over time, hardwood will age with normal wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas. You may notice areas of your hardwood that have split or are cracking, there may be gaps between the planks, or even warping due to water damage. Also, you may notice several scratches and chips in the hardwood from high heels, sharp edges of furniture, or pets. For rooms with windows, it is also common for the hardwood to fade due to the sunlight. As these issues and imperfections become more apparent, you will want to be proactive about fixing the problem. The great thing about hardwood flooring is its longevity, but it is still important for you to get an expert involved when you notice there is something wrong. By working with your hardwood flooring specialist as soon as notice these problems, they can work with you to make your floors beautiful again.

Benefits of Restoring Your Hardwood

Proper care and maintenance of your hardwood flooring has many benefits and is worth spending a little when issues surface to save money in the future. First, you are increasing the return on your investment. Whether you installed the hardwood yourself, or your home came with it, you have still invested in your hardwood flooring. By fixing some of the smaller issues, you are saving on the need to install new hardwood flooring down the road. In addition, if your home has original hardwood from decades earlier, you are helping to maintain the historic quality of the home. However, if there is not extensive damage to your hardwood, but you just would like to make a change, you may still utilize a refinishing and staining service. You can refinish the floors to remove any imperfections and then stain them to a different color. This allows you to have the gorgeous hardwood that was already installed yet bring new life and design to the home.

Hand-Scraping and Distressing

If you would like to change your hardwood flooring by adding character and a unique feel, you can work with your local hardwood flooring specialist on custom hand-scraping. This technique can be incorporated into the finishing process to add a new look and feel into the existing flooring. For many, they are looking for a distressed look, which can add great character to a more outdated style. This is great when renovating your home to have a rustic, country, or earthy design element. Through scraping, wire brushes, and other techniques, you can create a reclaimed look without having to install new reclaimed hardwood flooring in your home.


Are you tired of the color of your hardwood flooring, but don’t know how to achieve the look you want? The great news is, you do not need to invest in a new installation! Instead, you can work with your hardwood flooring specialist on staining your floors. When you re-stain your floors, you are removing any imperfections during the refinishing process, followed by changing its color. So, whether you would like to go lighter or darker, you can have your hardwood flooring company apply a stain that will completely change the look and feel of your home. Different stains can also provide different types of appearances. In addition, the re-finishing process will also strengthen your hardwood, and can even be upgraded to a UV resistant coating, helping the floors to last for years to come. With the latest technologies in finishing services, your hardwood flooring company can get the job done quickly so you do not have to wait long to move furniture and get your room back in place.

Care Tips for Long Term Quality

Are you looking to learn how to care for your hardwood flooring in Colorado? Through normal everyday tasks, you can help keep your hardwood flooring pristine, both before and after the re-finishing project! First, make sure you are dusting your flooring with a microfiber material. You can invest in a dust mop that will quickly pick up dust, dirt, and particles to prevent abrasion scratching. Every so often, you can take time to do a more in-depth vacuum to get corners and other areas. Be sure to talk with your hardwood flooring company specialist about the proper care of your flooring, as you do not want to damage your floor with improper mopping techniques.

When you are ready to enhance the look of your hardwood flooring, you can trust the experts at Ward Hardwood Flooring. From making repairs, re-finishing, and re-staining, you will want professionals to handle the job. This is the best way to ensure the job is done correctly, and efficiently. To see what we can do for you, review our finishing treatments. From here, visit our showroom at 29390 Industrial Way, #100, in Evergreen, Colorado. You may also call us at 303-674-6966 or email us at