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Hardwood Flooring Colorado Maintenance Tips

October 19, 2016

After hardwood floor installation in your home, you can keep your floors flawless in appearance by maintaining your investment. Make this happen by routinely keeping up with the following tasks:

Sweeping and Vacuuming:

Dust and dirt can quickly pile up on your hardwood floors. Not only does this create an unsanitary environment, but can also create allergen risk. All of the pollen and dust can go through the air causing itchy eyes and runny noses. That being said, it is crucial to sweep or vacuum your floors on a weekly basis, at minimum. Many vacuums today have a function specifically for non-carpet floors, which can do a better job at removing dust and other particles from the floor. If your vacuum doesn’t have this option (a floor-brush attachment), do not use the vacuum on your hardwood floor as it can create scratches. If you can use your vacuum, use the tools to get in the crevices. If you do not have this option, just use your handy broom and dustpan or cleaning pads to get the job done. 


When it comes to mopping your floors, an ideal amount for upkeep is about twice per month, or weekly if possible. In the process of mopping, be very cautious to use the smallest amount of water that you can so you do not have any standing water that the wood can soak up. We also highly recommend to get a dedicated bucket and mop to be used just for your wood floors. Be cautious, and only use light cleaners that are specifically for hardwood floors or simply use a small amount of white vinegar added to your water. It is also advised not to use steam mops as they can break down protective coating on your flooring. When you are using cleaners on your floor, keep them in your pail and not applied directly to the floor for the same reason - and never use any cleaner that is not designed specifically for hardwood floors. Also, if you spill a beverage or food on your hardwood floors, clean it up immediately! The longer it is able to sit and soak into your floors, the higher chance it could cause major damage. 

Protecting your Floors:

Scratches and scuffs happen, but there are a few things you can do to reduce this from happening and ruining your gorgeous floors. First, use protector pads on all of your furniture (i.e. the bottom of your table, chairs, couches, television stands, etc.) to maintain as little damage as possible. Next, when moving furniture on hardwood floors, use protector pads or spacers underneath the furniture to ensure it does not scratch. You can pick them up at your local home goods store, or as a last resort in time of need, use a blanket! Next, keep your shoes off in the home. Shoes with heels especially can easily dent or scratch your floors. The similar thing goes for pets with long nails—so try to keep them trimmed at all times. Learn more helpful tips and cleaning information in our FAQs. 

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