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The Importance of Finishing Treatments for your Hardwood Flooring in Colorado

August 24, 2016

Whether you have existing hardwood floors, or are adding them to your home, adding a finish to your hardwood flooring in Colorado can keep your floors looking new. There are various types of treatments that are a great addition to your home. Below are the benefits of including this into your new or existing flooring. 
  1. Protection: Finishing treatments can protect your hardwood floors from staining, discoloration and water. It can also help protect your floors from UV rays that come inside. So to keep all of these elements to seeping into the pores of your floors, finishing treatments will keep your floors lasting longer and looking great too. This top feature also helps prevent against chemical damage and scratches, so if you have a many people walking around in the home or pets, this will help prevent them from wearing down. Check out various styles of hardwood floor finishing to get ideas for your own upgrade.
  2. Appearance: Finishing treatments can change the look of your hardwood flooring. This will allow you to give your floors a sleek or shiny look or a more natural or simple one. This enhancement in the appearance will also add value to your home. So keep this in mind and work with your local hardwood floor installation company to find the finish style that you like and will give you the best return on investment when you sell your home. Also, if your floors have imperfections, a finishing treatment is a way to hide some of those imperfections. Last, you can also choose handscraping treatments for your floors to provide an authentic look. Various styles include pillowing, edge scraping, digs and chatter, distressing, circle saw marking, French bleed and scraping, level and intensity scraping and wire brushing.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: By adding a finish to your floors, you can make them easier to maintain. Spills and stains will come up more easily which saves time too for sweeping or vacuuming! Even though maintenance is easier, be sure you are keeping up with cleaning your hardwood floors by sweeping and mopping them with a mild wood cleaner on a regular basis.
  4. When to Add Finishes: While you can add a finishing treatment to your hardwood floors later down the road after they have been installed, it is ideal to have it added immediately after the floors are installed. This also will protect your floors longer preventing imperfections from happening early on and they will maintain their flawless look. You can also choose to purchase pre-finished hardwood flooring. So while this may not be as authentic, it is a great option and you can see exactly what the finish looks like in real time.
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