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Hardwood Flooring Colorado and Unique Uses for Beams, Timbers and Siding

August 17, 2016

A great way to make your home or space unique is to add beams, timbers or siding to your hardwood flooring Colorado project. Reclaimed wood especially adds a charm as it has its own history and a story to tell within each of its fibers! Coming from barns, factories or other industrial buildings, it is guaranteed to completely transform a space. Learn how you can create character in your own with the use of these three techniques.
  1. Ceiling Beams: Exposed beams along the length of ceilings are gaining in popularity and have always been admired by homeowners and architects. They are also a great way to change the contrast of a room when you use dark beams in a light living space or vice versa. Beam’s linear design can create a clean space that aligns with hardwood floors. It can even look great going against the lines of the ceilings. They can go in other shapes too, for instance a few single beams that create an area such a living room, or can lead someone’s eye to look into a certain area. Better Homes and Gardens has several great ideas if you are looking for unique uses of beams in your home renovation that will wow you and your guests. Each have a classis look that make a statement and change the entire atmosphere.  
  2. Timber Walls: Transform your home or even just areas of your home with timber walls. You can choose to outfit the entire space with wood, but an accent wall is great too. So whether it is your main wall in the living room or the wall behind the headboard of your bed. When adding timber walls into your home, it is important to work with your local contractor, especially if you have hardwood floors. You do not want to have too similar of colors that clash. Houzz has several great examples of wood walls to help you envision what you can do with your own renovation.
  3. Antique Siding: This type of material can come from old barns or other outdoor storage units that has experienced the elements of the outdoors. This character shares a story of its long history and will add that history to your home. It can come in a variety of colors, from silver gray, gray and white or gray with reds and browns. By using reclaimed wood, you are also recycling and helping the environment. This type of siding is perfect for the homeowner that wants to transform the exterior of their home or outdoor storage unit to have a rustic appearance.
We at Ward Hardwood Flooring are your go-to local hardwood floor installation company! From hardwood floors to other unique reclaimed wood solutions, such as ceiling beams, timber walls and antique siding, use our 20 years of experience to your advantage to create the space that you have always wanted. Our climate-controlled warehouse keeps our inventory in premium condition until it is installed in your home. Learn more about our beam, timber and siding services and give us a call at 303-674-6966 to get started with your project.