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Environmentally-Conscious Denver Hardwood Flooring

July 20, 2016

Do you love the look of hardwood floors but worry about the effects the lumber industry has on the environment? There is a unique, cost-effective, and environmentally-friendly option available to people who would like hardwood flooring in Colorado. The flooring we’re thinking of comes in a unique hue, with splashes of blue and red throughout the wood.

Beetle Kill Blue Pine provides a rustic look, with unique coloring and natural knots. There are several reasons Beetle Kill Pine is a great choice for those who are thinking about hardwood floor installation.

For one thing, Beetle Kill Pine flooring comes from trees that were dead prior to harvesting. The beetles and subsequent fungal infections caused the trees to die naturally. Choosing this type of wood is a good alternative to other pines if you are against the waste of natural resources like forest trees. Using Beetle Kill Pine in home furnishings has been seen as a rebirth for the dead wood, inspiring homeowners and craftsmen to liven up their furnishings with a wood that stands out more than your typical white pine does.

The blue hue provides a unique look for your home that can’t be manufactured. It is a great way to introduce color into your home without needing paint or artificial stains. Beetle Kill Blue Pine is just as durable as any other pine, because it is only the outer layers of the tree that are damaged by the beetles. The fungus that causes the blue coloring does not damage the wood itself. If you choose Beetle Kill Pine, you do not have to worry about poor quality simply because the tree was dead prior to harvesting.

Not only does Beetle Kill Pine make fantastic flooring, but it also makes great furniture. Get a coordinated look throughout your home by buying home furnishings that will compliment your new floor. Items made from this wood usually have a more shabby chic look, and it is perfect for all kinds of homes that want a more quaint and creative living space.

There are several different finishing options for Beetle Kill Blue Pine that will enhance the natural color of the wood rather than cover it up. This will allow you to really showcase the beauty of your new wood flooring. Ward Hardwood Flooring offers a variety of finishing treatments that will give you the glowing, rustic look that you have always dreamed of.

At Ward Hardwood Flooring, we want to make sure that you can clearly see all of the different options you have for your new home. Stop by our hardwood floor showroom to see samples of all the different types of wood that we offer, including the rustic Beetle Kill Blue Pine, which is extremely popular in Colorado. We are located in Evergreen, Colorado, and our beautiful showroom is open from 8-4:30 M-F, and on Saturdays by appointment. If you would like to contact us regarding your options before visiting our showroom, or if you live out of state, please do not hesitate to call us toll-free at (855) 674-6966, or email