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2016 Denver Hardwood Flooring Trends

July 13, 2016

Everywhere we go lately, we’ve seen beautiful hardwood flooring in Denver; new restaurants, model homes, even new offices are installing hardwood floors. Many people are partial to wood flooring because it is elegant, versatile with any decor, and easy to clean and maintain.  It seems as though everyone has caught on to the many great benefits of hardwood flooring.  Now more than ever we have more opportunities to be creative with the variety of styles available for builders and consumers.  If you are considering installing or refinishing your hardwood floors, here are some exciting new trends to consider:

1.  Color.  It used to be that wood stain was mainly available in varying shades of brown. but stains with other color pigments are becoming more widely available.  Varying shades of grays and ebony have recently become a popular option with consumers.  We also have even been starting to see other colors as well such as greens, yellows, blues, and violets.  There's more variety than ever before to express your unique personal design style.  For tips on how to decide on color, read this educational guide.

2. Reclaimed Wood.  With the growing need to reduce our carbon footprints, many hardwood companies are offering reclaimed wood.  This is a great way to have style and the peace of mind that you’re being "green."  The reclaimed wood is salvaged from old buildings that have been renovated or torn down and the finished product preserves the historical essence.  

3. Beetle Kill Pine.  In the last decade many have seen the devastating effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic, especially here in Denver.  Fortunately, the wood can still be used for consumers.  Best of all, the use of the wood is considered an eco-friendly product because it is wood that is already dead that would otherwise be left in the forest causing an extremely dangerous fire hazard.  Interestingly, the beetle leaves behind a fungus that stains the wood, so the finished product you receive still contains a beautiful array of blue-grays among the existing blondes, reds, and browns in the grain of the wood.  Some of the wood may even still have burrow marks from the beetle, which result in a unique branch-like pattern not found in any other hardwoods.
4. Wide Plank.  The standard width of wood boards is between 2-3 inches.  In the last several years wider boards have been milled, from 4 inches up to about 10 inches.  The wider planks can make the room appear to be larger and give a rustic impression.  However, widest planks bring a modernized touch to any room.  

5. Walls & Ceilings.  Believe it or not, we have seen a comeback in wood paneled walls.  The new colorful array of hardwood stains has brought back this look. Stained wide hardwood planks create an interesting accent wall.  Get creative with colors and wall accents; it’s a versatile design element that can change with the decor trends.

Unlike tile, vinyl, or carpet flooring that seems to go in and out of style, hardwood flooring remains a classic staple in home and business decor. Whether you are installing new or refinishing hardwood floors in Denver, and the increased availability and varieties of wood and stain, there are many options to create a uniquely classic space.  Contact Ward Hardwood Flooring today for a free estimate or stop by our showroom and browse our collection of samples for ideas.