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The Top 5 Reasons Hardwood Flooring Is Better Than Carpeting for Colorado Homes

July 6, 2016

If you’re thinking about making any home renovations, it can be tough to make decisions because of the many products and services out there.  Here’s a case for wood floors that will hopefully help narrow down your choices in flooring.

1. Wood floors are always in style- There was a short time in the 1950’s when wall-to-wall carpet was invented and everyone wanted it, simply because it was new and interesting.  However, since then, most homeowners and renters, alike, seem to prefer homes with wood floors.  It is a style that is classic and looks great no matter what era we are in.  Interior décor changes over time, trends come and go. Contemporary, shabby chic, modern, rustic, traditional, industrial; wood floors seem to fit in to every trend and give a home a luxurious appearance.  

2. Wood floors are more hygienic- Sure you can vacuum carpet, but it never seems to get everything.  And if you spill liquids, forget it; you’ll never get it all because carpeting is a porous weave that traps both liquid and solid particles.  Wood floors have a smooth finished surface, so dirt and spills will mostly rest on top and can easily be swept or soaked up.  Cleaning carpet often requires toxic chemicals and hiring a carpet cleaning service.  However, hardwood floors can easily be cleaned with a few drops of dawn in warm water and can be done without paying for professional service.

3. Wood floors look great no matter what condition they are in- There is no flooring more beautiful than a brand new hardwood floor.  The wood grain has a beautiful natural design, the color is dynamic and varies from board to board, and the finish seems to gleam and sparkle.  But even old, worn wood floors have a beauty to it too.  It looks shabby chic, like it has been well worn and well loved.  It appears to have a history behind it; it’s nostalgic for many people, but still functions well.  Carpet on the other hand, is nice when it’s new, but over time it starts to look grimy.  Stains have settled in that are impossible to get out.  In areas with high foot traffic, it will begin to look worn and matted.  Eventually, tears occur and nylon strings unravel, leaving a trip hazard.  

4. Wood floors rarely need to be completely replaced- The life expectancy of carpeting is much shorter than wood floors.  If you are lucky, you may get 10 years out of it, tops.  But wood floors can get twice that much.  Even after decades, there is a chance it just needs to be sanded and refinished rather than replacing the boards.  The cost is a little more, but that is because the product lasts so much longer.  

5. Wood floors have a better resale value- For all of the reasons above, homes with hardwood floors sell for more than homes with mostly carpeting.  Real estate agents love to highlight wood flooring in their listing amenities.  Home buyers typically find wood floors more appealing.  Renters prefer wood floors because they know carpeting is a trap for germs and grime from previous renters.

Hopefully, now you have a better understanding of just some of the many benefits of hardwood floors versus carpeting. If you’re considering new flooring in your home, rule out the tacky carpet.  For additional information about hardwood floors- the different products, styles and services available, contact Ward Hardwood Flooring.  We can give you a free estimate and have a great selection of wood flooring to choose from.