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Top Trends in the Hardwood Flooring Industry for 2019

May 29, 2019

Since the start of the new year, new trends in hardwood flooring have surfaced for your Colorado home. Staying current with the latest and most up to date information regarding hardwood flooring is crucial for keeping up with the current styles, and summer is the perfect time to update the look and feel of your home. 

1. Environmentally friendly finishes

As society becomes more conscious about the effect certain products have on our environment, the movement towards ecologically friendly alternatives will continue to grow in 2019. The use of green products in our homes has grown exponentially in recent years and can be witnessed in the growth of green construction materials as well.

One of the components of hardwood flooring is the finish, which can consist of products that are not beneficial for the environment. For the new year, expect to see an increase in the usage of higher quality polyurethane oils which smell less and are VOC compliant. VOC’s, or volatile organic compounds, have a high vapor pressure at room temperature. Certain compounds have lower boiling points, which causes large amounts of chemicals to evaporate or sublimate from the solid or liquid form and enter into the surrounding air within an environment.

There are a variety of higher grade finishes on the market that are VOC compliant, which means the compounds meets an acceptable level of VOC’s. Not all VOC’s are necessarily harmful for human health, however you can expect to see a push for reduced levels of VOC’s across the hardwood flooring industry. A selection of products are available with reduced levels of VOC’s compared to other products. 

In addition to polyurethane oils that are VOC compliant, the use of natural oils, such as tung and linseed oils, have increased in popularity. Resinous waxes are also being applied as an alternative to standard finish products in the effort to use biodegradable and non-toxic products. Beyond environmental factors, the advantage of using such oils is that they can be easily reapplied if the floor is scratched. Because these oils penetrate the wood, they have the benefit of creating a richer and more organic patina. The drawback for using these types of natural oils is that they are much more expensive than traditional finishes. They also can easily absorb water, as they do not provide a protective finish against moisture. As a result, they require more regular maintenance, and can be costly to upkeep.

2. Wide-ranging color options

A recent trend in hardwood flooring is the use of neutral floor colors. In new homes, the most popular colors used by designers are gray, blonde, and dark. Neutral colors can give a home a more contemporary and modern look, and many homeowners choose ash or white oak to achieve this. Bold color choices have also seen an increase in popularity. Reclaimed old world blend hardwood is a bold, darker choice for those looking to go outside the standard color scheme, as every board is unique and tells a different story. 

Darker brown flooring should become more popular in 2019 and beyond. The only downside of such color choices is that they can make a room appear smaller, leading to a more congested feeling. Deciding to go with this color scheme may be a better option if your home has a larger floorplan or taller ceilings.

3. Unique texture options.

Color is typically the first on the list when people are looking at hardwood flooring, but the importance of texture also cannot be overlooked. With the rise in popularity of more rustic and earthy styles, textured flooring has become more in-demand than ever. One texture style variation includes hand scraped wood floors. The method of long, ingrained scrapes along the surface of the wood gives the appearance that each plank was hand-crafted. This method is also more time-consuming and expensive but will deliver beautiful custom flooring.

Another method is wire brushing which gives floors a distressed appearance and offers homeowners the advantage of not having to worry about small scratches impacting the look of their floor. As a result, this option can be perfect for customers who have pets or small children.

4. Special patterning and layout options

The standard hardwood flooring layout is to run the boards in the same direction as the layout of the room. However, there are a variety of layout options to choose from that stand out from the traditional form. Some pattern options offer diagonal layouts, meaning the floors are laid out at an angle to the wall. Another option that could gain traction in the new year is that of a herringbone style, which features planks that are arranged in a hexagonal patterning. Again, these alternative layout options require more labor and materials, which can impact your final decision.

5. Wide plank flooring.

Beyond color, texture, and layout options, one of the other trends to be on the lookout for are wider plank flooring. This option creates the appearance that your room is larger; and that the floors are sturdy and high quality. It can be a great way to make a statement that your floor is the premium feature of your home. 

If you are interested in updating your floor or need hardwood floor installation in your new home, please contact Ward Hardwood today. A qualified specialist would be happy to help you find the perfect hardwood flooring option, no matter what your needs.