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Bringing Oak into the Future of the Flooring Industry

March 20, 2019

When you begin the search for the perfect flooring material for your home, the number of choices available to you may be daunting and it can seem like you will never be able to come to a decision.  In almost every flooring showroom, someone will most likely mention either Red or White Oak hardwood flooring.  When exploring this flooring choice, the traditional narrow strip flooring may be the first picture that comes to your mind; however, the advancements in the flooring industry have brought oak into a new future.  There are many benefits to choosing an oak hardwood, and many homeowners are utilizing this versatile and durable choice in their renovation projects.

Oak is Extremely Durable
Both homeowners and contractors alike are concerned with durability when choosing building materials, and Oak is one of the most durable hardwood products available on the market.  With a Janka hardness rating just below Hard Maple (the most durable of American hardwoods), Red and White Oak are both great options in areas of high traffic, or for families that have children or pets.  As a strong material, Oak is the perfect choice for flooring, cabinetry, wall treatments or custom-built furniture, and you can be sure that your investment will withstand the test of time.  If you already have Oak flooring within the home, its durability allows it to be refinished to either remove signs of wear or change the design look of the home.

Cost Effective Material
While Red Oak tends to be slightly more cost effective than White Oak, both options will fit nicely into your renovation budget, and with so many stains and finishing options available you don’t have to worry about the budget keeping you from the floors of your dreams.  As Oak trees comprise most of the hardwood forests in the United States, choosing this domestic hardwood flooring is not only a cost-effective option, but a sustainable one as well.

Staining and Finishing Options
Red and White Oak both have a wide range of naturally occurring colors; perhaps more than any other wood species.  Ranging from warm ambers, to shinier reds, to whitewashed blondes, to deep browns, Oak can fit into whatever design style you are looking to accomplish.  Both species of Oak also come in different grades of material, allowing you to choose between a floor with a lot of character, knots, and color variation or a floor that is cleaner and more linear with little variation from board to board.  Not only do both options offer naturally versatile color and design, but they are porous and therefore take to stain and finish techniques rather well.  The traditional staining method can be used to accomplish almost any color, but new techniques within the flooring industry allow for more unique colors to be accomplished on an Oak floor.  The material can be fumed to enhance the natural color variation within the material, or it can be water-popped to showcase the grain within the Oak.  Not only can many different shades be accomplished with Oak, it also takes well to finishing techniques.  Speak with your local hardwood flooring specialist to learn more about all the different finishes available. 

With so many options available, Oak is the perfect design choice for flooring, wall treatments, beams, mantles, and so much more, and you can relax knowing that your investment will last for years to come.  No matter what design you are looking to accomplish, in whatever room, you can count on Ward Hardwood Flooring to help you with your project from start to finish.  We have over 30 years of experience working in the hardwood industry and take pride in every project.  Give us a call today at 303-674-6966 for installation or material options and to schedule a free estimate!