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Automated Cleaning: Appliances of the Future

January 9, 2019

When considering a new hardwood floor installation or existing hardwood floor refinishing, it can be an extremely beneficial investment within the home.  With this investment; however, comes the added stress of keeping your floors beautiful and clean to avoid scratches in the finish.  Once upon a time, you would only be able to use a broom and mop to clean your hardwood floors, but today in the age of technology there are far more convenient options available to you that will save you time and labor.  Why is a robotic vacuum the best choice for cleaning you might ask?  These machines allow most of the tedious dusting chores to be automated at the push of a button, and most even come with remotes to help clean from a distance.

One of the great benefits of these robotic vacuums is that they are light weight and you won’t have to worry about them scratching the floors as they go about their jobs.  But how do you choose a vacuum that will operate best with hardwood flooring?  Follow these tips to help you decide between a wide range of products available on the market today:

3. Shark - Ion 750 Robot Vacuum

If you’re looking for a vacuum that is lightweight, low profile and has a wide cleaning radius, then this is the perfect robotic vacuum for you. While the battery doesn’t last as long as other models, it is a good starting point vacuum that is cost effective while delivering the convenience of an automated cleaning system. If you are looking for even more savings, you can opt for the Ion 720, which is the same model vacuum, but instead of Wi-Fi controls, it has a remote.

2. Yujin Robot – iClebo Omega YCR-M07-10

One of the largest capacity vacuums on the market, this machine is exceptional for people with kids and pets to help manage the endless cleaning.  With a relatively long cleaning time, and lightweight design, this vacuum is perfect for any floor of the home, and any floor type.  With two side brushes, this vacuum allows extended cleaning in tight spaces, under cabinets, and next to walls. 

1. iRobot – Roomba 960 App-Controlled Self-Charging Robot Vacuum

The most powerful robotic vacuum on the market, the Roomba 960 automatically adjusts to any floor type, seamlessly transitioning between carpets and hardwoods.  With a high-efficiency filter, this vacuum will pick up even the smallest particles, keeping your home free and clear of dirt and pollens.  At a relatively high price point, this vacuum delivers the best automation when it comes to run time, but when it is running low it will automatically return to its base to recharge, and resume cleaning as needed.  What makes this vacuum the number one choice; however, is the tangle-free brushes that help keep your vacuum running smoothly even over pet hair. Also, this vacuum can be voice activated!