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Hardwood Flooring Maintenance Tips in Colorado

October 24th, 2018

Having new hardwood flooring installed or existing hardwood refinished is an exciting way to refresh a living space, but proper care and maintenance is needed in order to maintain the floors. You can keep your floors looking flawless by keeping up with the following tasks:

Sweeping and Vacuuming:

Dust and dirt can quickly pile up on your hardwood floors. Not only does this create an unsanitary environment, but also poses an allergen risk. All the pollen, dust and bacteria can dissipate through the air, causing itchy eyes and runny noses. It is crucial to vacuum your floors with a floor-brush attachment or sweep with a microfiber cloth to pick up dirt and debris. Avoid using a normal broom or running the vacuum across the floor as this can cause scratches, especially as the finish is curing. Be sure to place rugs by entryways or areas of high traffic that can easily be washed if necessary to prevent dirt from being tracked in on the flooring.


When it comes to mopping your floors, an ideal amount for upkeep is about twice per month, or weekly if possible, depending on the amount of traffic across the floor. In the process of mopping, be cautious and use the smallest amount of water possible to prevent any damage to the wood. It is highly recommended to get a dedicated bucket and mop to be used solely for the hardwood floors to prevent contamination, scratches and other damage to the finish. Use only light cleaners that are specifically designed for hardwood floors or simply use a small amount of white vinegar and water while mopping to ensure that the floors can be re-coated in the future. If a beverage or food is spilled on the hardwood floors, clean it up immediately! The longer it is able to sit and soak into the floors, the higher chance it could cause major damage.

Protecting Your Floors:

Scratches and scuffs do happen, but there are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of damage that normal traffic will cause on your flooring. First, use protector pads on all of your furniture, even if it doesn’t move that often. Refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, and other large furniture typically have smaller legs that can cause significant damage even if only moved slightly. When moving furniture onto hardwood floors, use protector pads or spacers underneath the furniture to be sure that the finish is not scratched. You can pick up floor protectors at your local home and garden store, or as a last resort in a time of need, a towel or blanket can be used as well.

Next, keep shoes off while in the home, especially shoes with narrow heels as they can easily dent or scratch your floors. Rocks, dirt and debris can become lodged in shoes and cause damage over time in high traffic areas, so place rugs at entryways and in areas of high traffic to minimize the damage caused by anything tracked in from outside the home. Also, always keep pet nails trimmed as they can cause damage over time.

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