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Unique Uses for Reclaimed Beams, Timbers and Siding

October 17, 2018

Adding beams, timbers or siding to your project is a great way to make your home unique, and reclaimed wood adds a beautiful, custom touch to any space. Each piece of wood adds charm with its own history and story to tell. Harvested from barns, factories, and other industrial buildings, it is guaranteed to completely transform a space. Learn how you can create character in your space through these three techniques.

Ceiling Beams

Exposed beams along the length of ceilings are gaining popularity, and they are admired by homeowners, architects and designers alike. They are a great way to change the contrast of a room by using dark beams in a light living space or vice versa. The linear design of the beams create a clean space to align with hardwood flooring, and can even look great going against the existing ceiling lines. Beams can be used to lead someone’s eye to a certain area, highlighting or defining rooms, and can be placed in patterns to create a focal point of a room. If a space is small and dark, beams can be painted or stained a light color to help brighten the room and make it appear larger. Light colored barrel-vaulted ceilings are becoming more popular in small areas, lending a protective, sheltered feeling to rooms designed for relaxation.

Wall Treatments

Reclaimed barnwood, snow fence, and distressed face oak siding can be utilized all throughout rooms for a rustic feel, or as a rustic wall to create a unique living space. These materials don’t have to be used exclusively on walls, it can be used as a ceiling treatment, custom backsplash or even on a bar counter. It is important to work with your local contractor to determine how your space could benefit from a wall treatment to avoid any contrast between existing hardwood finishes.

Custom Woodworking

After having hardwood floors installed or refinished, adding custom furniture pieces, trim and other wood elements can really tie the room together. Custom staircases and railings can be fabricated and installed to help bring the feel of the space into the next level of the home. Mirrors or photo frames can be crafted from the same material as the flooring to tie together any space and create a uniformity that any homeowner would be happy to see.

We at Ward Hardwood Flooring are your go-to local hardwood floor installation company! From hardwood floors to other unique reclaimed wood solutions, such as ceiling beams, wall treatments and custom woodworking, use our 30 years of experience to your advantage to create the space that you have always wanted. Our climate-controlled warehouse keeps our inventory in premium condition until it is installed in your home. Learn more about our beam, timber and siding services and give us a call at 303-674-6966 to get started with your project.