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Ways Your Hardwood Floor Showroom Can Transform Your Home to Rustic Style

August 29, 2018

Ways Your Hardwood Floor Showroom Can Transform Your Home to Rustic Style

When considering a style to update your home, consider transforming yours into a rustic theme. Rustic homes have charm and warmth that make it a cozy and welcoming place to come home to each day. This style of home is simple and elegant with so many unique opportunities to explore. Take some time to learn all about this antique style and how your local hardwood floor showroom can help make your home transformation and décor dreams possible.

Rustic Style Overview
Homes with rustic style and themes are heavily decorated with wood. Wood themes are throughout the property in every room. It could be as simple as flooring and trim, to walls and furniture. Rustic homes are beloved by many homeowners thanks to their authenticity. Whether you are looking to add in rustic themes as accents or throughout your entire home, there is much that can be done.

Features within rustic homes include:
  • Antique finishes: The rustic style is true to the past. One of the best ways to accomplish this is through adding in antique fixtures and pieces into your home. These can be everything from light fixtures to furniture. The finishes do not have to be antique but can be new pieces of furniture and décor that are designed in an antique fashion.
  • Distressed appearances: Items with a distressed look showcase their past. These items are aged, and while they aren’t perfect or pristine, this is what people love so much about them. The cracks, patterns, etc. honor all their years in existence. Whether they are floors or beams, a variety of items in your home can be distressed.
  • Exposed elements: A very common theme in rustic homes is the presence of exposed elements. These can include exposed brick, stone or wood. Tying into the distressed look, exposed elements are a great way to build character. These exposed features are not painted over but rather true to their original elements. Exposed fixtures can be smaller accent features or the focal point of the entire room.

Your flooring is one of the first go-to options for the rustic theme. Accomplish this task by installing antique and reclaimed flooring. It is available in a variety of light and dark shades in oak, heart pine, tobacco pine, wormy chestnut, hickory, and more.

With hardwood flooring, make sure to invest in antique reclaimed wood when seeking a rustic theme as it is distressed and rich with history. Even better, this type of hardwood is reclaimed, which means it was harvested and crafted into an entirely different structure many years ago. From here, it has then been re-used in a variety of commercial and residential settings. You will notice all the pieces of its history within the cracks and character; however, these characteristics are finished. You will not be investing in outdated and poor-quality flooring, but strong floors that have stood the test of time. The wood is so durable because at the time it was cut, wood was not as in-demand as it is today.

There are a variety of rustic accents you can incorporate into your home. First, consider adding a wood accent wall. This can be a consistent grouping of colors or a mixture of lights and darks. Pair the accent wall with neutral paint colors such as grey or white. You can create an outside-of-the-box idea by adding trim in the shape of an archway and have wood planks that fill it. Put the icing on the cake with an antique hanging light fixture. 

Whether you are installing an accent wall or hardwood floors, you do not have to keep a traditional shape. Consider creating patterns with the planks such as zigzags. Your local hardwood flooring specialist will be able to help you create the perfect pattern that will enhance the space.

Fireplaces and Mantels
A great way to add warmth, both literally and decoratively to your rustic-themed home is with a fireplace. Did you know by adding a fireplace to your home, you could be increasing its value by $10,000 or more? And you may only need to spend a few thousand dollars for installation, depending on the type of fireplace that appeals to you. With your rustic fireplace, it can have a wood frame or even exposed brick. You can choose gas, wood or electric for your fireplace—and any can be tailored to your rustic theme. Wondering which to choose?
  • Gas: A gas fireplace is easy to keep up with and is more inexpensive with monthly costs. It also requires less maintenance as a wood burning fireplace as you will not need to spend the time or labor chopping wood. When ready to extinguish your fire, you can do so with a slip of a switch.
  • Wood: True to the rustic theme, wood burning fireplaces have an essence and scent that you will love coming home to. It is also a great way to save money as it requires neither gas or electric to run.
  • Electric: For a safe option that you may need around children or pets, an electric fireplace is a great choice. They are also a great way to warm your house or room while not having to turn up your heat. You can purchase an electric fireplace and incorporate rustic décor and themes around it. Plus, many electric fireplaces can be controlled with a remote, making it highly convenient!

Along with your rustic fireplace, you can also install a mantle or a reclaimed wooden wall treatment as an accent to the room. Keeping with your rustic theme, work with your local hardwood flooring specialist to install a mantel constructed of reclaimed wood.

From reclaimed hardwood floors to ceiling beams and other rustic fixtures, Ward Hardwood Flooring will help you every step of the way for your rustic home transition. They have a variety of services to accommodate your project. In addition to these ideas, you can also take advantage of their finishing treatments, custom barn doors, beams, timbers, stairs, handrails, wall treatments, and more. See what they can do for you by stopping by their showroom at 29390 Industrial Way, Suite 100 in Evergreen.