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Spring 2019 Cleaning Guide from Your Local Hardwood Floor Showroom

April 3, 2019

Spring is such a great time of year. The days grow longer, flowers sprout, and you can finally turn that winter coat in for a nice jacket. It is a great time to spend some quality time fixing up your home. Your last major deep clean may have been a few months ago. It is a great time to see if you need to make any upgrades or renovations. Use this guide from your local hardwood floor showroom to help you with all of your spring cleaning and renovation tasks!

Before getting started, make sure you have all cleaning supplies you need, including: all-purpose cleaner, new sponges, an eraser sponge, disinfectant wipes, soap scum cleaner, special cleaner for wood and glass surfaces, mopping supplies, dusting materials, rags, paper towels, toilet bowl cleaner, microfiber cloth, and any other essentials for specific areas of your home.

Tackling the Kitchen

Giving your kitchen a deep clean is necessary, not only for aesthetics, but for safety. As one of the top areas that bacteria and germs thrive, it is important to clean it and avoid contamination. Change out sponges often as they house bacteria, leading you to spread germs just by trying to wash dishes!

One of your first tasks to tackle is cabinets and drawers. Empty them out and give them a thorough cleaning. This is also a great time to wash anything in them, including organizers. You may want to reorganize if you have an ineffective organization before putting items back in. Next, handle your counters and appliances. Don’t forget the top! Last, make sure your floors are clean. You can leave them to dry as you tackle another room.

Living Spaces and Bedrooms

Dusting will be your first task for your living room and bedrooms. Do this without spreading dust everywhere with a microfiber cloth or cleaning tool. This will enable you to trap the dust. You can take a damp rag to dust and wipe down décor, frames, etc. Don’t forget fans and light fixtures!

Next, be sure to use furniture polish on your glass and wood surfaces to give it a nice shine. If you have carpet, invest in a deep cleaning machine or have a carpet cleaning service come in. This will remove any dust and dirt harboring within it that can cause allergies and other issues. It’s also a great time to consider the benefits of hardwood flooring in these areas of your home. 

When you are cleaning bedrooms, don’t forget to wash your sheets. Ideally, you should wash them on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. During your spring cleaning, it is a good time to give them a long, high-heat wash to destroy germs. While in the wash, make sure to wipe the bed down and vacuum your mattress. You can deodorize it to freshen it up.  

Handling Walls and Windows

Often, it’s common to remember to wash walls before painting. Make sure to include them in your spring cleaning routine. Take a damp, warm washcloth and a mild detergent (safe for your paint type) and wash down baseboards and crown molding. Once done, repeat the process by washing the walls.

Your windows will be your next task on your list. You will do with both inside and outside. Use a streak-free cleaner for the windows themselves, and don’t forget to wipe down the sills and tracks. For the exterior, you can use a mild disinfectant cleaner, and a microfiber rag or mop. You will also need a hose and squeegee. Wipe down your windows, using a ladder if you need to, and practice ladder safety. Once done cleaning the windows, use your hose to clean them off. Ensure they are dry and streak-free by using your squeegee.

Tidying Up the Bathroom

The bathroom is another area that can harbor bacteria and germs. When you begin, similar to the kitchen, you will clean out your cabinets and drawers. You can use the attachment piece on your vacuum to help easily rid the area of dirt and debris. Next, wash your trim boards, walls, and backsplash using a mild detergent. You can shine up any wood areas with a polish. Make sure to dust and wipe down all other surfaces.

For your counters, use a cleaning solution that best suits it. Certain cleaners are harsh for stone counters, so be cognizant when choosing a cleaner.

Toilets can be wiped down and scrubbed with a brush. A microfiber cloth is a great solution to help trap some of the dirt. Consider dropping in a bowl detergent cleaner to help sanitize and deodorize the bowl.

When it comes to the shower, you can get started shining up your shower head while you clean by using a cleaner or mixture of vinegar and baking soda in a bag wrapped around it. Use a shower cleaner, scrub brush, cloth, and eraser sponge to tackle your shower.

Managing Your Flooring

Spring is a great time to make changes to your flooring, especially to convert carpet to hardwood. Carpet is a huge culprit for harboring allergens and other bacteria in a home as they are more difficult to clean and will trap these elements. Hardwood is easy to clean and quick to install. The great thing about hardwood is how easy it is to clean. You can give it a daily or weekly sweep with a microfiber tool. If your hardwood is starts to show some wear, you can talk to your local hardwood expert about refinishing it. This is a great way to sand out the imperfections, and you can even restain it if you would like to change the color.

Whether you are looking to add hardwood to your home this spring, or might be a good time to refinish, Ward Hardwood Flooring is your go-to specialist. Not only can we assist with the job, but help you design and transform your home with our variety of hardwood, reclaimed beams, and timbers. Contact us today at 303-674-6966 or to get started.