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Ways Barn Doors and Decor Ideas Can Transform Your Home

June 20, 2018

When was the last time you updated the decor of your home? If you have the same design, decorations, and paint that you have had for years, consider making a few changes to spruce things up! Even with the smallest of changes, you can make a huge difference in the way your house looks and feels. Another great bonus of a few updates is the added value it will bring to your home. Now is a great time to make these changes, and you can utilize this list for inspiration. From barn doors and wall treatments to flooring and reclaimed wood, you have plenty of options to liven up your house and make it exciting.

Getting Creative with Doors

The doors in your home are the entryways into each space. If you have plain wood doors or even just the same doors you have had for years, consider making some changes. A great idea for some areas is to incorporate sliding barn doors. These are great for bedrooms or rooms separated by a door that allow you to easily open and make a space appear larger. Barn doors add a touch of character that will completely transform a space. Plus, they are available in many different colors. Try a dark wood door on a light-colored background for contrast, or a light door on a dark accent wall. You can also work with your local hardwood company on different sliding track options that best fit the overall design of the room. By collaborating with them, you can add a track and knob consistent with the space. 

For the remaining doors in the house you choose, it is best to be consistent. When you have multiple different types of doors, especially with different knobs, it does not fare well with the home’s overall design. Depending on the look of your home, using reclaimed barn doors can add the perfect amount of character! When using this option, your local hardwood company will create an overall design that works with a space. So, whether you would like doors with or without windows, and any different design, they will assist you throughout the process.  

The Magic of Paint and Wall Treatments

Are you wondering how you can quickly and inexpensively transform a room? Paint and wall treatments are your go-to! When it comes to paint, you Are you wondering how you can quickly and inexpensively transform a room? Paint and wall treatments are your go-to! When it comes to paint, you want to avoid using dark colors on all four walls of a small room. Why? It makes it appear and feel smaller than it is, since the light has nothing to bounce off. If you would like a darker color in a small room, consider an accent wall. Accent walls overall are a great option to mix up the way a room feels.

In addition to paint, did you know you can install wood wall treatments and cladding into your home? This is the perfect idea for any style, whether it be a country home with a rustic feel, or a modern space. Some homeowners love to add an entire wood accent wall with several different planks that give it depth and variety. Others choose to incorporate a wood accent in specific areas, such as fireplaces, bars, or ceiling treatments. You can even add ceiling beams to create a unique space.

Hardwood Flooring Transformations

If you are looking to make an investment in your home, consider changing out your carpet for hardwood. Not only is this option better for those with allergies, but it is a great way to increase the value of your home. Hardwood flooring is preferred with over half of America’s homebuyers today, a trend that has been popular for years. So even if you have no plans on selling anytime soon, it is a great option for down the road. 

When it comes to the different types of flooring, you have a few options. First, wide plank flooring has board widths of five inches or more and can make a space look grand. It is available in most types of hardwood species, allowing you to work with your hardwood flooring company on colors and finishes that work for your home. Strip flooring is another option that is ideal for those on a budget. Planks are narrower, and you can choose from several finishing options that will allow you to customize exactly what you would like. Pre-finished flooring is your third option. This type of flooring is completely ready to go as soon as it is installed, which cuts down on your wait time after sanding and finishing the floors.

Add History with Reclaimed Wood

For a variety of options to add more character into the rooms in your house, incorporate reclaimed wood. Reclaimed wood is recycled hardwood that was previously used in another setting, such as a barn, deck, railroad, warehouse, school, and much more. Reclaimed wood can date back a hundred years or more, allowing you to add a piece of history to your home! Homeowners love this idea for hardwood floors, doors, handrails, mantels, and ceiling beams; the possibilities are limitless. You can talk to your hardwood specialist to help you find creative ways to incorporate reclaimed wood in your home renovation and decor projects. You will love having your little piece of history in your home each day.

Whether you are looking to add reclaimed barn doors, hardwood flooring, beams, mantels, handrails, wall treatments, or any other custom woodwork to your home, Ward Hardwood Flooring is your local hardwood specialist. They can help you with a variety of areas to bring life back into your spaces! They put love and care into each one of their projects, as they have for the last 30 years. You can rest assured they will go above and beyond with your project. To explore options for your home, call today at 303-674-6966 or email