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Historic Homes and Restoring Charm with Denver Antique Flooring

June 6, 2018

Restoring a home to showcase its original historic charm is a great way to bring forward the true and original beauty of the house. New homes today do not have the same features as older homes, so it is crucial to maintain, and even highlight, these unique features. If you are planning to sell your home in the future, restoration is something you can do to help increase the re-sale value. Learn about the benefits of restoring your home, what to know if you’re looking to buy a historic home, ideas for your existing home, and ways to restore or add Denver antique flooring. 

Value of Restoring a Historic House

You have probably heard the saying, “they just don’t make it like they used to,” which falls true with older homes. Historic homes have an antique charm that new homes today do not offer, but that doesn’t mean you are limited. There are ways to restore an older home to bring it to safety standards and incorporate new features, while keeping the character of the home. In general, Denver home prices have increased drastically in the past few years, which also reigns true for historic homes. 

When undertaking a project, it is important to first come up with a plan and it is crucial to ensure the standards within the home are up to code. Consider working with local flooring contractors, electricians, plumbers, roofers, and other trades to ensure the home is sound. From here, you can work to ensure the home’s safety, but you can also make small changes to make it more efficient. For instance, older windows can be drafty—increasing your energy bills. You can also invest in ENERGY STAR appliances to help you reduce your energy bills, as well as water consumption, too. 

What to Know Before Buying a Home

With today’s housing market in Denver, prospective home buyers are in a competitive market, making it a great opportunity for sellers. However, if you are looking to buy—there are still plenty of options. When purchasing an older home on any side of town, it is important to take the suggestions made by an inspector seriously. Do not try to find the cheapest solution to an issue as this can cause safety concerns within the home. In fact, you may want to consider two inspections to have additional feedback. 

When you find the historic home of your dreams, be aware that you may have some issues to fix, such as lead paint, mold growth, insulation, bad electrical or plumbing, and floor renovations. By working with experts, you can resolve these issues and make restorations to maintain the historic charm, all while having a safe living environment. 

Ideas for Your Existing Home

When renovating your older home to showcase its roots, it is crucial to find the areas of the house that bring charm. For instance, it could be antique ceiling beams or mantels, cabinetry in the kitchen, staircases, and more. From there, find ways to incorporate vintage fixtures into the mix. For instance, add a grand antique light fixture or chandelier in a foyer or dining room. Find end tables or a dining room table, or work with a woodworking specialist, to build tables out of reclaimed wood. You can also incorporate reclaimed window treatments throughout the home, as well as art, decorations, furniture and more. 

To further bring your own style to your renovation project, pair your antique décor and design with granite, marble, or quartz counters in the kitchen. Add in a matching backsplash for a pop or color, along with new appliances. Bathroom renovations can be done in a similar way. Find vintage décor and pair it with updated fixtures that have an antique feel. To help you cut costs, be sure to investigate energy efficient options when available. 

Buy New or Restore?

If you are on the fence of restoring a historic home, and are weighing options with a new home, the choice is ultimately up to you. With an older home comes a lot of work. They can be an investment, but for many, it is an investment that is well worth it. You must be willing to spend both money and time on a renovation, not to mention that you may not be able to occupy the house for a majority of the project. After deciding if you want to take on a renovation, you can see if the homes you find are in your budget. 

If they aren’t, you can buy a newer home, but add in vintage décor and antique flooring to help bring a historic vibe to the home. Many prefer this option as it will bypass some of the issues that older homes bring, but still gives their place the charm they are looking for with the incorporation of those older elements. 

Top Ways to Handle Flooring

Did you know you can install reclaimed flooring instead of new flooring? This is a great way to maintain historic charm. It is a great option if you have older hardwood flooring that is in poor enough condition that it cannot be re-finished. This is also a great option as it has been reclaimed, allowing you to find hardwood with a history to share with you and the guests of your home. Antique flooring is a great addition for any style of house, whether new or old. Also, this type of hardwood is built to last, so you can feel comfortable knowing your investment is well worth it. 

Ward Hardwood Flooring is your reclaimed flooring expert. With a large variety of antique and reclaimed hardwood flooring there is a style that will pair well with any style of home. Plus, by investing in our reclaimed flooring, you will be giving wood that was once used for beams, joists, siding, timbers, and more, a new life. To see how Ward Hardwood can best help you with your hardwood flooring and reclaimed wood needs, call 303-674-6966 or email