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How to Prevent Common Problems After the Hardwood Floor Installation

June 7, 2017

Every type of flooring material requires some degree of maintenance, including hardwood floors. If you decide to install hardwood flooring in your home, there are certain problems that may arise in the years following the hardwood floor installation. Fortunately, many of the problems can be prevented with regular maintenance. Here’s what you need to know:


Over time, you may start to notice tiny scratches in the finish of your hardwood floors. To prevent scratches, try to avoid walking across your hardwood floors with shoes on, especially if they’re high heels or cleats. If you have pets, don’t let them walk across the hardwood floors since their claws can easily scratch through the finish. You should also protect your hardwood floors from scratches by placing protective pads underneath any furniture pieces in the room.


If a significant amount of water lands on your hardwood floors, it may cause warping. Why? When wood becomes wet, it expands in size, and then contracts again once it begins to dry out. The result is warped wood, which means the planks may look curved or may even curl up at the ends. To prevent this problem, it’s imperative that you protect your floors from water. If you spill water on your floors, wipe it up as quickly as possible to avoid warping. Don’t use water when cleaning your hardwood floors, either. A simple dust mop or broom should do the trick.

If you are concerned about warping, talk to your flooring professional to determine if there is a water resistant finish that can be applied to the top of your floors. Learn how to straighten a warped floor.


Are your hardwood floors exposed to sunlight? Even if the floors are inside your home, if they’re located next to large windows that get a lot of sun, the color may start to fade over time. Talk to your flooring professional about applying a UV-resistant finish to your floors. If this is not an option, or if you want extra protection, prevent UV exposure by pulling down the blinds or closing the curtains when it’s sunny outside.


Hardwood floors expand when exposed to humidity. Because of this, flooring professionals usually suggest letting the wood sit for a few days inside your home before it is installed so it can adjust to the humidity level. If your flooring professional fails to let the wood acclimate, or if he installs it incorrectly, the floors may begin to buckle and appear uneven. If you spot this problem, it’s important to contact your flooring professional right away so it can be repaired as soon as possible.

These common problems can easily be avoided if you take care of your hardwood floors. If you’re ready to choose hardwood floors for your home, it’s time to get in touch with the professionals. Contact the team of design experts at Ward Hardwood who have a knack for helping clients choose the right flooring for their homes, and preserve it for years after installation. Call 303-674-6966 to set up a consultation today.